OLE BORUD – Outside The Limit (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

OLE BORUD - Outside The Limit (2019) full

We were pleased on this blog to present some time an album by exquisite singer & musician OLE BORUD, a true Westcoast AOR ambassador into the present age. “Outside The Limit” is his brand new record (featured here in exclusive) where we can expect vibes from Pages, Jay Graydon, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Seawind, Chicago, Steely Dan, etc… Westcoast / smooth funk / classic rock music at its best.

We live in a time where the soulful, poppy side of the genre called Westcoast AOR got a huge renaissance among hipsters and trend-conscious young music lovers, in an ironic package under the banner of ‘Yacht Rock’. But it’s enough to get these, who notes that one of the world’s foremost practitioners of this form of music is… Norwegian! Maybe because ‘irony’ is an epithet very bad rhymes with Ole Børud. And thank goodness for that.

Accuracy and musicianship go hand in hand when it comes to Ole, nothing is left aside when he write songs, record and produce his material. Everything is where it should be and it sounds as good as it can make.
The voice, the arrangements, the production, everything you love about Ole Børud music has come together again on this glorious new collection “Outside The Limit”.

From the downbeat of the soulful, upbeat opening song “Put My Money” to the exquisite “Talk to My Lawyer” where Jay Graydon would be proud of it, you’ll be taken to the early ’80s LA Session years.
Borud try a different take for the title track, a dynamic R&B tune driven by melodic horn & vocal arrangements evoking the late Seventies US sound.

Other stand-out tracks include the pure Westcoast pop of “Blaming Game” mixing Chicago and Pages, and the exquisite semi ballad ‘Can’t Pretend’ a textbook example of class songwriting in the best Becker / Fagen tradition and a sound recalling State Cows.

It’s such a pleasure to hear in 2019 the influences of classic bands like Steely Dan, Pages, Jay Graydon, Chicago, etc, so tastefully blended in as a part of the extraordinarily original hybrid that only Ole Børud can create.
The compositions on this album seem to have more space than his previous records, the songs breathe smoothly within the arrangements. And while there’s a modern pop take on “Good Time” which I don’t like much, overall this is a an album plenty of magic circa 1981.

OLE BORUD - Outside The Limit (2019) back

All the music on “Outside The Limit” is written, arranged & produced by Ole himself and he play most the instruments, all done with extreme attention to detail and with that early ’80s vibe.
One for Wescoast AOR lovers and classy smooth classic rock / pop.

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01 – Put My Money
02 – Always Love You
03 – Come and Rescue Us
04 – Talk to My Lawyer
05 – Outside the Limit
06 – Blaming Game
07 – Good Time
08 – Can’t Pretend
09 – Waiting for the Rain
10 – Fast Enough

Ole Børud: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Ruben Dalen: Drums, Percussion, Keyboards
Jens Antonsen, Børge Halvorsen, Even Skatrud: Horns
Frode Mangen: Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Piano, Hammond, Synthesizers
Hilde Stavnem Børud : backing vocals



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  1. TC says:

    Many thanks for the post, this guy is a true AOR talent, have really enjoyed all his albums so far.

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