EDDIE VAN HALEN – Edward The Great (Best solos according to 0dayrox)

EDDIE VAN HALEN - Edward The Great (Best solos according to 0dayrox) full

EDDIE VAN HALEN passed away today, Oct 6, after a long battle with cancer. He was the most inventive guitar player of his generation. It’s hard to imagine what rock & roll would sound like without the legendary Dutch-American Edward Lodewijk Van Halen.
Like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton before him, he single-handedly (or perhaps, in his case, double-handedly) changed the vocabulary of guitar for a generation. My generation. Your generation.
His pyrotechnic finger-tapping, elastic dive-bombs, and bursts of melody redefined the guitar solo and inspired legions of musicians. But no matter what he was playing, he did it with heart.
To honor the late guitar Rock hero, we’ve selected what we consider his greatest solos — from unforgettable licks to genuine “how’d he do that?” head-scratchers — that show off his brilliance.

Eddie Van Halen was the most inventive Rock guitar player of his generation, but he’s also a surprisingly stern formalist. Rarely does EVH’s music dabble in prog or inaccessibility; instead, he jams all his unorthodoxy into the claustrophobic confines of a traditional four-piece rock configuration, performed at a volume typically reserved for volcanoes.
The core riffs are sophisticated, but also remarkably minimalist; the solos are overstuffed and a little self-derivative, but no two are identical and none of them are easy.

This list is obviously subjective, does not follow any particular order: all songs just pack incredible guitar work. The unique guitar work of Eddie Van Halen.
Rest In Pace genius, and thanks for the unforgettable music.


01 – Eruption
02 – Mean Street
03 – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
04 – Hot For Teacher
05 – Cathedral
06 – Ice Cream Man
07 – I’m the One
08 – Spanish Fly
09 – You’re No Good
10 – Drop Dead Legs
11 – Somebody Get Me A Doctor
12 – Mine All Mine
13 – Humans Being
14 – Panama
15 – China Town


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4 Responses

  1. web browser says:

    It’s extremely sad. R.I.P Eddie [‘]

  2. Gerry says:

    Eddie, the greatest of all times for me !
    so sad !

  3. Scupp says:

    RIP Eddie. Out beautiful world of melodic rock simply wouldn’t be here today without you!!! You were unquestionably the best. Play to the Angels.

  4. William Lewis says:

    SO jazzed to see you included Mine All Mine. It would be at #2 on my list, though… 😉

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