PARADISE – Paradise (2020)

PARADISE - Paradise (2020) full

Now we feature here a very interesting band from Canada; PARADISE and their self-titled album which is in fact, their third. Formed almost two decades ago, after their second album, in 2005 PARADISE started a long hiatus, but now they have broken the silence with the roaring self-titled “Paradise”.
As you see at the cover artwork, there isn’t a Paradise at all – a desert and a crow – as musically / lyrically the album is quite dark. But no less interesting.
While PARADISE were originally sold as stoner rock, they are much more classic hard rock for me: classic inspired by BLACK SABBATH in the riffs but lively, vital and modern in production.
These guys are good, very good, and that’s something you say after listening the whole 10 tracks and look for the repeat button.

With the will of the volcanic rock gods, the resurrection of PARADISE was inevitable, and they reuinted again in 2019. With some changes – now the line up consists of Frank Kelly (guitars), Fred Kelly (bass), Blacky (vocals), Fred Crew Grrr (guitars) and Mat Hias (drums), PARADISE, like a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, releases a new eponymous album that sways on the line between modern hard rock and classic metal.
From the opening piece “Straight From Hell” to the final “Free in Exile”, through “Hitting On All Sixes” and “Long Gone”, PARADISE delivers an album where the balance between big riffs, attitude, intensity and melodies is really compelling.
Highly Recommended


01 – Straight from Hell
02 – Hitting on All Sixes
03 – Who Do You Wanna Be
04 – One of a Kind
05 – Never Cry Again
06 – Lowdown and Shaking
07 – Barn Burner
08 – Long Gone
09 – Away from You
10 – Free in Exile

R.L. Black (Vocals)
Frank Kelly (Lead Guitar)
Fred Crew Grr (Guitar)
Matt Hias (Drums)
Fred Kelly (Bass)



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