TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Animal Instinct X2 [Reissue +5] *EXCLUSIVE*

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Animal Instinct X2 [Reissue +5] *EXCLUSIVE* full

In 2008, TYGERS OF PAN TANG were back in action with their full studio album ‘Animal Instinct’, the first with new vocalist Jacopo Meille, a celebrated comeback to the band’s roaring ’80s sound.
But the following year, 2009, British label Angel Air re-released the album re-titled “Animal Instinct X2“, with the band including 5 bonus tracks plus a DVD.
The original material contained on Animal Instinct sees the band retaining all the classic elements of their sound yet these songs also come across as remarkably fresh and current as well. It’s almost as if Meille gave these guys a firm kick to their asses because there is definitely a rejuvenated feeling permeating throughout.
And among the bonus tracks (recorded in 2009 especially for this release) we find new versions of the Tygers’ classics ‘Love Potion No 9’ and ‘Gangland’, where Meille rocks great at the mic.
”Animal Instinct X2” seems out of print now, with used copies being sold for U$D 985.00!

For one thing, TYGERS OF PAN TANG have always been about catchy songs, and ”Animal Instinct X2” is filled with those, thanks in large part to the powerful and catchy vocal melodies – although the music itself mostly follows the same path.
What ”Animal Instinct” brings back from the early days of the band is a heavier, more aggressive sound that had slowly faded away – albeit not completely disappearing over the years.

What we have is very upbeat, positive-sounding and commercial to some extent sound, but with enough crunchy guitars to satisfy early fans of the band.
The twin guitar attack of Weir and Dean Robertson is absolutely lethal on tracks such as “Cry Sweet Freedom” and “Let It Burn” and coupled with Meille’s impressive vocal range the group tears through these songs with a staggering sense of urgency.

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Animal Instinct X2 [Reissue +5]  back

Production (by THUNDER’s Ben Matthews) is excellent, punchy and clear.
This new version is enhanced by the addition of bonus tracks including the aforementioned ‘Love Potion No 9’, ‘Gangland’, ‘Don’t Say Rock ’n’ Roll Is Gonna Die’, the kicking ‘Raised On Rock’, and Whitley Bay football team cup final anthem ‘Live For The Bay’ which is itself a reinterpretation of Tygers live favourite ‘Live For The Day’.
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01 – Rock Candy
02 – Cry Sweet Freedom
03 – Live For The Day
04 – Let It Burn
05 – If You See Kay
06 – Hot Blooded
07 – Devils Find A Fool
08 – Winners & Losers
09 – Crusin
10 – Bury The Hatchet
11 – Dark Rider
BONUS TRACKS (Classics recorded 2009):
12 – Don’t Say Rock ’n’ Roll Is Gonna Die
13 – Love Potion No 9
14 – Raised On Rock
15 – Gangland
16 – Live For The Day (Whitley Bay Cup Final Song)

Jacopo Meille – vocals
Dean Robertson – guitars
Robb Weir – guitars, voicebox
Brian West – bass
Craig Ellis – drums


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