ANGELICA – All I Am (2020)

ANGELICA - All I Am (2020) full

Best known for being the awesome frontwoman of the cinematic metal band The Murder Of My Sweet, ANGELICA Rylin is also an accomplished solo artist. After her brilliant debut album, “Thrive,” which was released in 2013, she has finally decided the time is now for a follow-up.
And we’re glad she did it, we need more female-fronted melodic rock. Titled “All I Am“, the project lead by talented Daniel Flores (drums, keyboards, backing vocals here) mix the classic styling from the genre with a modern sonic shape to appeal all generations.

From her work with The Murder Of My Sweet, there’s no disputing Angelica’s significant vocal talent or her love of AOR / melodic rock. Essentially, this new CD defines and displays those very things.
Yet, with this album Angelica ventures into the realm of synth rock with aspects of pop brought to the rocking mix. You’ll hear some of these elements, wrapped comfortably in groove, within ‘Calling’, ‘Beat Them All’, and ‘Addicted’ at the start of the album.

While synths and programming linger throughout this album, more classic melodic rock can rise with the upbeat, faster ‘A Pounding Heart’ or the dense, tad heavier ‘Still Bleeding’, both featuring strong guitar work from Michael Palace (Palace, First Signal, et al).

Strong acoustic guitar and piano lines coupled with Angelica’s soaring voice propel the AOR anthems ‘Angel’ and the somewhat somber ‘I’m Sorry’ (which also features an epic guitar solo).
With ‘Living On High Hopes’, Angelica delivers an inspirational AOR rocker featuring strong guitar harmony, lively rock rhythm and groove, and a classic memorable refrain.

All in all, ”All I Am” once more displays Angelica Rylin superb vocal talent, gifted songwriting, and love for versatile, modern AOR melodic rock.
Highly Recommended


01. Calling
02. Beat Them All
03. Addicted To You
04. I’m Sorry
05. Time And Space
06. Don’t Say Goodbye
07. Still Bleeding
08. Living On High Hopes
09. A Pounding Heart
10. Angel
11. Time To Go Home

Angelica Rylin – Lead vocals
Michael Palace – Guitars, bass
Pedro Cesar Camargo – Acoustic guitars, strings production
Daniel Flores – Drums, keyboards, backing vocals



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  1. John Houlgrave says:

    Can you guys upload the 2015 remaster of Paradigm Shift’s 1986 release The Rain Child And The River King?

    It is an elaborated AOR / Prog project led by Makoto Matsushita, who is well known as a City Pop mastermind in Japan and the rest of the world. Incredibly underrated album – I think the 0dayrox audience will love it.

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