MIRKO HIRSCH (feat. Michael Palace) – Return To Neon (2020)

MIRKO HIRSCH (feat. Michael Palace) - Return To Neon (2020) full

MIRKO HIRSCH is a German musician, singer, songwriter and producer who for many years has been creating retro ’80s music. Just a quick look at the album cover of his new album and its title ”Return To Neon”, puts clear what this is all about.
While there’s something of the raising Synthwave genre on Mirko’s music, he’s much more pop oriented, heavily influenced by Giorgio Moroder and the Italo Disco scene / synth pop.
Sure, ”Return To Neon” isn’t rocking at all – not the typical music we feature here – but even guitarist Michael Palace (First Signal, Angelica, Toby Hitchcock) performs & produced one song here, and the album as a whole is a true ’80s culture product, so we think it deserved to be featured on this blog.
Fun stuff!


01 – Return to Neon
02 – Pandora’s Box (Remix)
03 – Heart on Fire
04 – When Love Said No
05 – King Without a Crown (feat Ratsouk)
06 – Lady in Black (Extended Version)
07 – Love Is Blind
08 – Like Lovers Do (feat. Michael Palace)
09 – Hey Operator
10 – Escape

Mirko Hirsch – vocals, synths, keyboards, programming
Michael Palace – guitar
Ratsouk – guest vocals



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