GEORGE LYNCH & JEFF PILSON – Heavy Hitters (2020)

GEORGE LYNCH & JEFF PILSON - Heavy Hitters (2020) full

Guitar-shredding virtuoso George Lynch re-teams with former Dokken bandmate Jeff Pilson for a set of new studio recordings that turn pop music classics into powerful metal / hard rock anthems.
“Heavy Hitters” features jaw-dropping renditions of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World,” Prince’s “Kiss,” One Republic’s “Apologize,” Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth,” Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” and more.
It’s all very well and professionally done, the gems coming in the shape of really rocky interpretations of Prince‘s ”Kiss”, and ”Music” by Madonna. Both receive superb guitar driven reworkings, but neither loses the essence of the original release either.

The former’s instantly familiar riff is still present, but is given a heavier arrangement by Lynch, with Pilson contributing a heavy funky bass line in the background. It features a searing solo from George at the end too. It sounds very natural in it’s own right as opposed to having a rock arrangement crowbarred into it.
The same can be said of their version of ”Music”. Obviously the original was anything but a rock track. But here, Lynch has replaced the dance beat with a great riff that fits the song like a glove. Listening to it, you could easily imagine it having always been played this way.

Another tip of the hat goes to their version of ”Ordinary World”. Yep, Duran Duran track from the mid 90s. They’ve wisely not attempted a note for note copy of the original. The signature guitar intro has been replaced with a lower key, more subtle sound, that reposition the song perfectly. Its also a very apt choice of song, as the lyrics could easily apply to the year we have had, and likely to have next year.
A very credible and rocking fun effort. Highly Recommended


01 – One of Us (Originally by Joan Osbourne)
02 – You Got The Love (Originally by Rufus & Chaka Khan)
03 – I Feel The Earth (Originally by Carole King)
04 – Ordinary World (Originally by Duran Duran)
05 – Music (Originally by Madonna)
06 – Apologize (Originally by OneRepublic & Timbaland)
07 – Nowhere To Run (Originally by Martha & The Vandellas)
08 – Kiss (Originally by Prince)
09 – It’s The End Of The World.. (Originally by R.E.M.)
10 – Champagne Supernova (Originally by Oasis)
11 – Lucille (Originally by Little Richard)

Bass, Vocals – Jeff Pilson
Guitar – George Lynch
Drums – Brian Tichy (Whitesnake / Ozzy)
Vocals – Angelo Moore (Fishbone)
Vocals – Marq Torien (Bulletboys)
Vocals – Wil Martin



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