MAGIC DANCE – Remnants (2020)

MAGIC DANCE - Remnants (2020) full

Long Island, NY’s MAGIC DANCE will return with their new album, “Remnants” on December 4, 2020, their second effort for Frontiers Music. This album offers up more of the band’s signature ‘80s influenced sound that they are now known for, but at the same time brings a distinct contemporary edge.
Performed with absolute genuine emotion and conviction, it’s hard not to be swept up and carried away in these mesmerizing catchy songs. The power of the melodies and the entrancing sound really stick with the listener throughout the entire album.
Guitar riffs are more prominent like never before, and while keyboards are still important part of Magic Dance’s style, the ’80s melodic rock style is the focus now.


01. Oh No
02. Long And Lost Lonely Nights
03. Zombie Breath Surprise
04. Cut Me Deep
05. When Your World Comes Down
06. Change Your Life
07. I’m Still Holding On
08. Changes
09. Restless Nights
10. Til Your Last Breath
11. I Can’t Be The Only One

Jon Siejka – Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Kevin Krug, Gabor Domjan, Luke Anderson – Bass
Kevin Mcadams – Drums, Percussion
Gdaliy – Sax
Tim Mackey, Ziv Shalev, Stelios Andre – Guitar Solos



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