BLUE OYSTER CULT – A Long Day’s Night (Frontiers Music remaster 2020)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - A Long Day’s Night (Frontiers Music remaster 2020) full

Frontiers Music continue with their welcomed reissue of BLUE OYSTER CULT‘s catalog, now it’s time for “A Long Day’s Night“. Originally released in 2002, “A Long Day’s Night” is now being reissued on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and Vinyl. The audio appearing on all formats has been completely restored and remastered to achieve a stunning new listening experience.
Recorded live at the Navy Pier / Skyline Stage in Chicago, Blue Öyster Cult’s “A Long Day’s Night” celebrates, at the time, 30+ years of incredible music from the band. This release truly highlights the band’s phenomenal career up until that point in time.
The memorable show is titled “A Long Day’s Night” because it took place during the summer solstice. Guitarist/vocalists Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma, keyboardist/guitarist Allen Lanier, and their bandmates regale a revved-up crowd with Cult classics like “Burnin’ for You,” “Last Days of May,” “Godzilla,” and, of course, “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper.”


01 – Stairway to the Stars (Live)
02 – Burnin’ for You (Live)
03 – OD’d on Life Itself (Live)
04 – Dance on Stilts (Live)
05 – Buck’s Boogie (Live)
06 – Quicklime Girl (Live)
07 – Harvest Moon (Live)
08 – Astronomy (Live)
09 – Cities on Flame (Live)
10 – Perfect Water (Live)
11 – Lips in the Hills (Live)
12 – Godzilla (Live)
13 – Don’t Fear the Reaper (Live)

Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – Guitar, Vocals
Eric Bloom – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Allen Lanier – Keyboards, Guitar
Bobby Rondinelli – Drums, Percussion
Danny Miranda – Bass, Vocals


Pre Order:Öyster-Cult/dp/B08GV1NNBG

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