OUTTA THE BLUE – Outta The Blue (1986) [0dayrox own LP rip] *EXCLUSIVE*

OUTTA THE BLUE - Outta The Blue (1986) [0dayrox own LP rip] *EXCLUSIVE* full

As requested, today we have the mega-rare OUTTA THE BLUE self-titled album from 1986, a private LP from this Cleveland melodic hard rock band. Recorded in 1985, and released in early 1986 on Personal Records, shortly after the recording facility Angel Studios burned down, destroying the masters and preventing an official re-release or even a re-press at the time, making this recording extremely rare.
It isn’t the ‘Lost Jewels’ series, nor a FnA rarities release, it’s the 0dayrox team unearthing this uber rarity with our own rip from a pretty wasted LP, but enough in quality to enjoy it.

Founded by brothers Mike Szuter -songwriter and skilled electric guitar wizard – and CJ Szuter (vocalist & songwriter) OUTTA THE BLUE rocked the Ohio area since the mid-Eighties.
The guys used all the paraphernalia typical of the glammy hard rock from the era, and sonically were like a mix between early Van Halen, Mr. Big, Dokken, Icon, Keel, and Enuff Z’Nuff.

This LP is plenty of hair metal tunes with sick soloing and awesome harmonies. They were so good, when they trip to LA to showcase for labels, their shows featured a who’s who of late 80s / early 90’s LA rock guys. Paul Gilbert and Russ Parrish were among the musicians sharing stage and playing songs with them. Paul even produced some demos for the band, and Mike Szuter was part of Gilbert solo band later.
Strangely enough, as poppy and hooky as ”Outta The Blue” was, they always added a raw edge to their shows.
Mega Rare LP

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Tonight
02 – Only She Knows
03 – The Power
04 – Never Known Love
05 – Holdin’ On
06 – Makin’ Tracks
07 – Waitin’ For The Storm
08 – Within A Song
09 – Now You’re Gone
10 – Whaddya Want

Krys Szuter – lead vocals, guitar
Mike Szuter – guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Johnston – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Michael Heino – bass
David Schieb – drums, percussion


Out of print

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