RUXT – Labyrinth Of Pain (2020)

RUXT - Labyrinth Of Pain (2020) full

From the rich Italian Rock scene, RUXT are one of the few playing classic hard rock with some traditional melodic metal on it. “Labyrinth Of Pain” is their new album to be released tomorrow where they present a new vocalist, always a challenge for a rock n’ roll band.
And the challenge is bigger when you hear singer K-Cool (cool nickname indeed) first notes. His voice seems broken, strange. But once you are in the mid-part of the first song here you’re hooked. This guy is a quite unique rock vocalist for sure.
And musically, RUXT are stupendous at what they do: this is classic, twin guitar driven hard rock / traditional melodic metal with a 1982-84 European style / sound. And the songs are very good, believe me, finding myself humming these melodies while pressing the repeat button.
It’s a highly recommended, enjoyable stuff.


01 – Labyrinth of Pain
02 – November Rain
03 – Love Affair
04 – Simply Stranger
05 – One Step Behind
06 – Back On Track
07 – What You Give Is What You Get
08 – What Keeps Me Loving You
09 – Waiting
10 – Time To Fight Again
11 – Butterflies

K-Cool – vocals
Stefano Galleano – guitars
Andrea Raffaele – guitars
Steve Vawamas – bass
Alessandro Fanelli – drums



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