GARY MOORE – Still Got The Blues +5 [Limited Japan SHM-CD remastered] Out Of Print

GARY MOORE - Still Got The Blues [Limited Japan SHM-CD remastered +5] (2016) full

The smash hit “Still Got The Blues” is also part of the last Universal Music Japan reissue of nine rock masterpieces from GARY MOORE featuring cardboard sleeve cover artwork, the high-fidelity SHM-CD format and the latest remastered sound – plus bonus tracks.
A return to his blues roots, “Still Got The Blues” is the most successful album both in sales and chart positions from Gary Moore in the US and grand part of the World.

Relieved from the pressures of having to record a hit single, Gary Moore cuts loose on some blues standards as well as some newer material here. Moore plays better than ever, spitting out an endless stream of fiery licks that are both technically impressive and soulful.
I believe Gary Moore was the first hard rock guitarist to cross over to blues by dedicating a full CD to the genre. There have been a string of “heavy blues” records produced by predominantly rock guitarists since the release of “Still Got The Blues”, so I think Gary set a standard in this area that has yet to be equaled.

Simply put, Gary Moore stands comfortably among the top rock/blues guitar players, past and present. He does rock the blues, there’s no disputing that, playing powerful chords and ripping off lots of rapid fire leads throughout “Still Got The Blues”.
Gary injects tremendous passion into his playing. And the gutsy, sustained growl oozing from his Les Paul put many ‘big names’ in to shame. Completing the package, Gary’s vocals are the best of his career.

Moore returned to his first love, the Blues, and released this corker of a record. This really shoot him to the map of success spawning 2 massive hits; ‘Walking By Myself’ and title track ‘Still Got The Blues’ where he does some terrific, melodic, passionate lead work.
Albert Collins and Albert King each make guest appearances, both trading licks with Moore. The contrast of playing styles between Gary and these blues veterans makes for some interesting listening.

One of my favorites is ‘As The Years Go Passing By’ kicking off with Gary’s lead work, but it is more subdued this time around. This song is in a very similar style to ‘Still Got The Blues’, but with less shredding. It maintains a nice slow bluesy drum beat, and a Hammond organ is heard swirling amongst the guitar lines creating a superb atmosphere.

GARY MOORE - Still Got The Blues [Limited Japan SHM-CD remastered +5] (2016) back

Released in 1990, “Still Got The Blues” should pretty much be old news now, and it would seem that most everyone has either heard this CD for themselves or gotten an opinion on it from a trusted friend.
Still, whenever someone asks me to make a few recommendations for guitar oriented blues-rock albums, “Still Got The Blues” is always in my first list of suggestions.
If you are a fan of guitar-driven blues classic rock, there’s no question this CD needs to be in your collection. This Japanese SHM-CD edition, remastered and with 5 juicy bonus tracks, is the right choice.
A Must Have



01 – Moving On
02 – Oh Pretty Woman
03 – Walking By Myself
04 – Still Got The Blues
05 – Texas Strut
06 – Too Tired
07 – King Of The Blues
08 – As The Years Go Passing By
09 – Midnight Blues
10 – That Kind Of Woman
11 – All Your Love
12 – Stop Messin’ Around
13 – The Stumble
14 – Left Me With The Blues
15 – Further On Up The Road
16 – Mean Cruel Woman
17 – The Sky Is Crying

Gary Moore – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Don Airey, Nicky Hopkins – keyboards
Mick Weaver – piano
Bob Daisley, Andy Pyle – bass
Brian Downey, Graham Walker – drums
Albert Collins – guest guitar
George Harrison – guest guitar, vocals
Albert King – guest guitar
Gavyn Wright – strings
Raul d’Oliveira, Martin Drover, Andy Hamilton, Frank Mead, Nick Payn, Nick Pentelow, Stuart Brooks – horns


Out Of Print

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