BLACK SABBATH (feat Tony Martin) – Vienna 1989 [2xCD Japan release only] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

BLACK SABBATH (feat Tony Martin) - Vienna 1989 [2xCD Japan release only] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Specialized Japanese label “Alive The Live” is doing a very nice job making available on CD rare live recordings from major acts in a good sound quality. They just released last December this “BLACK SABBATH – Vienna 1989“, a very good performance by Black Sabbath with Tony Martin on vocals, on the ‘Headless Cross Tour’.
It’s especially interesting ‘cos there’s not many recordings documenting Black Sabbath with Tony Martin performing live. Additionally, the line-up is stellar: Neil Murray (bass), Jeff Nichols (keyboards) and the great Cozy Powell (drums).

Tony Martin always was regarded as a stupendous vocalist, but at the time he recorded his first studio album with Sabbath, some critics argued he can’t perform with the same power on stage.
“Vienna 1989” proves that Martin is one Hell of a shouter performing live, and feels comfortable with his band mates. The band rocks hard as well, with Tony Iommi dropping some killer solos, Nichols finding room to play some awesome keys/synths (much more than on the studio recordings), and Cozy Powell kills with his fiery beats.

Sound quality is very good for this type of recordings, and while there’s some bootlegs floating around, this Japanese “Alive The Live” release sounds better and nicely packaged.
Highly Recommended

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Disc 1
01 – Ave Satani / The Gates Of Hell
02 – Headless Cross
03 – Neon Knights
04 – Children Of The Sea
05 – Die Young
06 – When Death Calls
07 – War Pigs
08 – The Shining

Disc 2
01 – The Mob Rules
02 – Black Sabbath
03 – Iron Man
04 – Children Of The Grave
05 – Heaven And Hell
06 – Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)

Tony Martin (vocals)
Tony Iommi (guitar)
Neil Murray (bass)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Jeff Nichols (keyboards)



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