MIDNITE CITY – Midnite City [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print

MIDNITE CITY - Midnite City [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print

Included by 0dayrox team into the ‘Best Of list’ of the year, MIDNITE CITY‘s self-titled debut “Midnite City” was among the strongest debuts. This Japanese edition, now out of print, features an extra, bonus track.
At the time new Melodic Hard Rock band from England but formed by experienced musicians, MIDNITE CITY included Rob Wylde (ex Vega) – who also fronts Tigertailz for some time now – and Tainted Nation / Eden’s Curse’s Pete Newdeck (who back in 2014 released one of the best British AOR albums In Faith’s ‘There’s A Storm Coming’), a partnership in crime who deliver here the classic sound of the genre we all know and love.

This album is very special indeed. Wylde and Newdeck have managed to replicate the sound and feel of the late ’80s / early ’90s bands such as Danger Danger, Lillian Axe, Autograph, but also bring it smack bang into the now.
Another thing I love about this album is the perfect blend of styles ranging from AOR, cock hard rock and power pop / melodic rock all in one great, big sounding CD.

The optimism of the opening trio of ‘We Belong’, ‘Ghost Of My Old Friends’ and ‘Summer Of Our Lives’ is infectious.
The feeling I get when listening to ‘Ghost of My Old Friends’ rings true so for so many reasons. Be it old places that have gone, or friends no longer with us, to me it’s about remembering where you’ve come from and also looking to the future of what’s yet to come.

MIDNITE CITY - Midnite City [Japan Edition +1] (2017) booklet

Up next is the first single, ‘Summer Of Our Lives’, which does sound a lot like the recent release from Degreed. Wylde and co. deliver a glorious, feel-good summer song. One of the shining lights on this band is the guitar work of Wylde and new kid Miles Meakin – who shreds with the best of them.
On ‘Nothin’s Like Losing You’, the band slow things down but still creating a killer hook. Same goes with the acoustic led ‘Everything You Meant To Me’.
With ‘One Step Away’, Midnite City take the storytelling up a notch and sound all the better for it.

This Japanese release adds as bonus track ‘Ghost Of My Old Friends (Acoustic re-work)’, a stripped version of the great song where the emotional lyrics became even more deep in its acoustic environment.

MIDNITE CITY - Midnite City [Japan Edition +1] (2017) back

All killer no filler is definitely an apt tagline for this album. “Midnite City” has it all: catchy melodies, hooks galore, great musicianship and a sweet production.
This is more than a love letter to the feel-good rock of before, and that’s the thing I love about this album: the positive vibes I, as the listener, get and will feel when I listen back to it, as I can guarantee that this CD will be getting spun for quite some time.

A fantastic debut album from one of the UK’s best current melodic rock bands.
Highly Recommended


AOR Heaven / Rubicon Japan  ~ 【RBNCD-1240】

01 – We Belong
02 – Ghost Of My Old Friends
03 – Summer Of Our Lives
04 – Nothing’s Like Losing You
05 – Last Beat Of My Heart
06 – Everything You Meant To Me
07 – Can’t Wait For The Nights
08 – One Step Away
09 – I Just Can’t Take It
10 – Things She Said
11 – Think About You
Japanese Bonus Track:
12 – Ghost Of My Old Friends (Acoustic re-work)

Rob Wylde (Tigertailz, ex Vega) – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Pete Newdeck (Newman, Eden’s Curse) – Drums, Backing Vocals
Miles Meakin – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Shawn Charvette – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams – Bass, Backing Vocals

mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem)


Out Of Print

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