WIKKID STARR – Sudden Impact (2021)

WIKKID STARR - Sudden Impact (2021) full

Now let’s go back to the future with Los Angeles’ Modern-day Cowboys WIKKID STARR and their new album ”Sudden Impact”. With this recording the guys promises to take Hair Metal back to the place once it belonged. And let me tell something, it gets it with flying colors.
The album is everything the Hair Metal fan – wherever and whoever they are – expects; a return to the Eighties glory days of the Sunset Strip.
“Sudden Impact” is sassy and sensual as the cover art shows to everyone. Just the way bands as Warrant turned them into eternal.

Musicwise, “Sudden Impact” doesn’t deliver too many modernity except for some electronic effects in some songs as “Partners in Life.” Those do bring some different feelings taking us to the the middle of the 1980s when some bands tried to incorporate them in their music. I liked the ethereal effect it gave to the song.
The album opens up with “Bring It on” which is a groundbreaker and earthshaker tune with lots of guitars as all the album is. Just loved the bursting guitar solo and the insane leading guitar riff. Great invitation card to an album that promises.

Guitarists Kyle Kaye and Rafa Souza do an excellent job as their peers throughout the years, I mean, throughout the hairs.
”Betty” adds a bit of snakehipped ‘smiffery to the more metalised recipe the band employs usually and stands out accordingly, the poppier ”Partners in Life” is also splendid, whilst “Uncle Sam” is a chunky riff of a tune heavy on the bass and topped with tailor made guitar solo.
By the time “Hot Love” rolls in, I’m ready to get out of lockdown and back into a crowded bar of loud rock and roll.

The grand finale, as it couldn’t be different to follow the tradition, is with the power ballad “You Just Don’t Understand” with the mixed taste of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” by the keyboards and all Poison’s ballads by the impression. By the way, the acoustic guitars in the end are just neat and pretty as hell.

“Sudden Impact” is just as whammy and delicious as your favorite glam / hair metal classics, and it does keep the faith and hold the flag for some more long.
And it does it greatly.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bring It On
02 – Out in the City
03 – All Hell’s Breaking Loose
04 – Hot Love
05 – Bump & Grind
06 – Pump House
07 – Rocket Ride
08 – Betty Sue
09 – Snake in the Grass
10 – Partners in Life
11 – Uncle Sam
12 – You Just Don’t Understand

Toney Richards – vocals
Kyle Kaye – guitar
Rafa Souza – guitar
Zeus Jade – bass
Sergio Sanchez – drums



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