WIKKID STARR – Return To Glory (2022)

WIKKID STARR - Return To Glory (2022) full

WIKKID STARR was originally formed in 2007 by veteran Hollywood vocalist Toney Richards but did not launch as full band until 2015. The group has gone through several line-up changes but through it all, they have managed to attain some international success with their solid debut album ‘Sudden Impact’, a hair metal / sleazy hard rock affair with traces of Poison, L.A. Guns & cohorts.
Now the guys are back with its follow up brand new CD “Return To Glory“, and on this new album WIKKID STARR has evolved on all aspects. And in a good way.
Despite its ‘metal epic’ cover art, for “Return To Glory” the musical approach is much more refined, with the ‘melody’ as main focus. You can call it more ‘commercial’, but more complete for sure. Now there’s keyboards / synths into the mix – that’s no meaning turning bland – Toney’s vocals are varied like never before – as well as harmonies – and the overall sound will appeal a wider audience, form ’80s hard rock to AOR fans.


01 – Return to Glory
02 – Unleash the Fury
03 – Ready or Not
04 – Full Moon Dance
05 – Never Fear the Unknown
06 – Gods of War
07 – Frozen Heart
08 – The Long Road
09 – Love & Devotion

Toney Richards – vocals
Kyle Kaye – guitar
Rafa Souza – guitar
Zeus Jade – bass
Sergio Sanchez – drums



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