BONNIE TYLER – The Best Is Yet To Come (2021)

BONNIE TYLER - The Best Is Yet To Come (2021) full

The Best Is Yet to Come‘, BONNIE TYLER ‘s new album title says it all: there is no stopping the ’80s icon, Bonnie is better than ever! And if anyone thought catchy rock&pop music could only be made by people in their twenties – oh, they were wrong. Bonnie Tyler delivers 12 brand new studio recordings filled with the pure joy of ’80s melodies.
‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ is an album for everyone who lost their heart to 1982, whose party is not the same without the best music there ever was – music to dance, laugh and shed some tears to.
Beautifully orchestrated by long-term collaborator David Mackay, this album reminds you of all the feelings you used to feel, all the long nights you spent on the dance floor, all the slow dances you had. Let Bonnie Tyler take you on a journey back to the ’80s!
From dance anthems and pumping rockers to love songs, Bonnie Tyler lives and breathes one of the most fun eras in popular music. Bonnie always was and always will be THE ’80s icon, and now she is taking this beloved music to the 21st Century.

She starts it with “The Best Is Yet To Come“, which is a tempting sentence, it’s inviting, challenging… The guitar licks and her raw but feminine way of singing are the intro of yet another new album of the female who screamed her lungs out for a Hero, a world challenge towards men!
As you get into the second song, you feel the backing sweetness of those Miriams, the additional female artists to make it more than just a pop-rock album.

Age has nothing to do with Bonnie, nothing to do with you, yes you that fall in love with somebody’s raw, crazy, really crazy, yet tender side; the kinda love that makes you hungry. That’s a feeling that needs to be polished and nothing better than Bonnie’s “Hungry Hearts” reminds you of your not-lost loves, reminds you of radio moments that can’t be described…..
It’s a different Bonnie Tyler, not as epic as we’re used to hearing and seen in those immortal videos of her wild years of body-trembling screams that still echo somewhere….

The rhythm of this album won’t keep you wondering why it’s pop-rock and not hard, as one tends to describe Mrs. Tyler when she sings.
The songs are short, radio-friendly, modern, sweet to dance, sweet for the ear, young, even though she’s going to be 70 and still rockin’ n’ rollin’, in 2022, on an European tour that I’m sure you won’t miss….

“When The Lights Go Down” was the first single and by listening to the album I think it was the right thing to do, cos’ you need the sped-up tempo since the beginning.
“Stronger Than A Man” is a call to arms for the females, but also a reminder to men that we ain’t doin’ our job how we should, take care of the pretty gender and stop the fuckin’ hate, stop the worldwide massacres and remember the Love generation!

The piano intro of “I’m Not In Love“, even though a cover, will remind you of her Wow hit of the ’80s… it will also remind you of how life was when you were 20, proud, careless, arrogant, crazy, stiff, silent, angry but IN LOVE !
“You wait a long time for me”- a verse you will repeat again and again, cos’ if it was Love, it never died. “Somebody’s Hero“; here she comes with the heroic theme, but not as Heart-explosive as her songs were…

And while she shouldn’t repeat what she already has done, an acoustic guitar towards the end, carries you with the softness of the pourin’ water on your face, before you go alone, somewhere, thinking, as the wind caresses it, while the album is sang in that wind, with the guitar riff and her vowels will make you enjoy it differently, every time you listen to Bonnie…

“The Best Is Yet To Come” presents Bonnie’s up to date sound that still evokes the passion, energy and the fun of those glory years. Again, working with long-time producer David Mackay, this new album stands proudly amongst anything she has done in the past.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Best Is yet to Come
02 – Dreams Are Not Enough
03 – Hungry Hearts
04 – Stuck to My Guns
05 – When the Lights Go Down
06 – Stronger Than a Man
07 – I’m Not in Love
08 – Somebody’s Hero
09 – Call Me Thunder
10 – I’m Only Guilty (Of Loving You)
11 – You’re the One
12 – Catch the Wind



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