V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases March / May 2021 – Vol.2

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases March / May 2021 - Vol.2 full

There’s a lot of really good singles / advances from albums to come in the next months, and it’s time to taste the best of them in our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases sampler. Some officially released, others press-only advances.
March / May 2021 – Vol.2‘ includes a new SUNSTORM single, new awesome band CROWNE, new Swedish AORsters WINDING ROAD, a great MICHAEL BORMANN’s JADED HEART tune, new Frontiers band ICON OF SIN, advances from PAUL STANLEY’s Soul Station, CHEZ KANE, the new material from ELECTRIC BOYS, NANCY WILSON solo album…
Your soundtrack for this weekend!

Frontiers Music just released the debut single, ‘Mad World’, from CROWNE, a new Swedish melodic hard rock supergroup whose debut album will be released this summer. The band is comprised of vocalist Alexander Strandell (Art Nation), guitarist / keyboardist / producer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T.), bassist John Levén (Europe), and drummer Christian Lundqvist (The Poodles). The album also features Love Magnusson (Dynazty) providing guitar solos.
This is a melodic hard rock barnburner with enormous melodies, delivering rock ‘n’ roll like there is no tomorrow. Quite simply, this is going to blow you away, so prepare yourself for what’s to come with your first taste of the album with the single ‘Mad World’.

The title track from the upcoming SUNSTORM album, “Afterlife”, has surfaced. It’s a driving melodic hard rocker with a huge chorus and Ronnie Romero’s shouting in a melodic way. Ironically, the song sounds pretty Rainbow-like, consifering JLTurner isn’t the project’s lead vocalist anymore. Great tune.

INFINITE & DIVINE is a new collaboration between two Swedes, musician / songwriter / producer Jan Åkesson and vocalist Tezzi (a/k/a Terese Persson). Their debut album, “Silver Lining” will be released on April 9, 2021 via Frontiers Music Srl. The first advance titled as the band shows a powerful female melodic-hard sound, with a late ’80s AOR feeling into the chorus. Killer song.

The debut album of Swedish AOR combo WINDING ROAD will be released by AOR Heaven soon. The band was founded in 2018 by Magnus Åkerlund (Blender) and Jan Hedlund (Coastline). Both had played in numerous bands and played loads of different musical genres touring all over Sweden. Their true love however was melodic rock and AOR so there was no guesswork in what kind of music they were aiming for. We have 2 advances, and both are really good.

ELECTRIC BOYS are back with new album to be released on Mighty Music next April. ‘Super God’ is the first single and all I can say the band is in top form, focused, and delivering a strong rocker with an excellent production.

We’re in love with MICHAEL BORMANN’s JADED HEART new single taken from the upcoming album. Its title, ‘It Feels Like Yesterday’, speaks for itself. Bormann has resurrected the true Melodic Rock heart of Jaded Heart.

Swedes bros Peter & Christian Sundell (Grand Illusion, Promotion, etc) have been working over the years together into their studio recording own songs. ‘Sandy’ is one of these tunes, with that classic Scandinavian melodic rock feeling from the early Nineties.

Frontiers Music announced the upcoming release of the self-titled debut album from Brazil’s ICON OF SIN, a new project centered around the stunning vocal talents of the popular Brazilian YouTube sensation Raphael Mendes. The band’s sound is a loving acknowledgement of their love of ’80s heavy metal coupled with a modern approach. We have 2 advances, and their sound like Iron Maiden 1984 with a modern twist. Great stuff.

Heart’s NANCY WILSON is preparing a solo album, and she has presented the first advance, a cover of Bruce Springsteen song ‘The Rising’. It’s done pretty different, with a certain Heart current classic rock sound.

Kiss co-founder & frontman PAUL STANLEY has spent the last few years developing a project close to his heart. ‘Soul Station’ is a band gathering some of today’s leading musicians to pay tribute to the greatest artists and songs from the R&B and soul catalog to keep this vital music current. While a surprise to many, Stanley’s early pivotal roots in this music has quietly turned this passion into a celebrated touring and recording band.
Stanley’s 15-piece ensemble group has toured the U.S. and Japan, and recently recorded an album of nine classic soul songs and five new original songs. We have 2 advances, cool and unexpected music from Stanley.


01 Crowne (ft. A. Strandell, Jona Tee, John Levén) – Mad World
02 Sunstorm – Afterlife
03 Infinite & Divine – Infinite & Divine
04 Chez Kane – Rocket on the Radio
05 Winding Road – Call On Me
06 Winding Road – It’s A Matter Of Survival
07 Electric Boys – Super God
08 Michael Bormann’s Jaded Hard – It Feels Like Yesterday
09 Sundell Brothers – Sandy
10 Icon Of Sin – Icon of Sin
11 Icon Of Sin – Shadow Dancer
12 Nancy Wilson – The Rising
13 Paul Stanley’s Soul Station – Could It Be I’m Falling In Love
14 Paul Stanley’s Soul Station – O-O-H Child


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