ELECTRIC BOYS – Ups!de Down (2021)

ELECTRIC BOYS - Ups!de Down (2021) full

Ups!de Down“, the seventh album Swedish favorites ELECTRIC BOYS is a classic hard rock affair with the band’s characteristic funk elements, tons of groove and a lot of passion. Timeless rocking music with quite some uniqueness in its sound.
Single “Super God“ is a winner, and also musically (and lyric-wise slightly obscure) “Never Again Your Slave“ is a real cracker. And you got to have balls to start such an album with an instrumental (the title track).
One of the few bands out there that really stick out and never fail to deliver the goods…


01 – Upside Down Theme
02 – Super God
03 – Tumblin’ Dominoes
04 – Never Again Your Slave
05 – She Never Turns Around
06 – Globestrutter
07 – The Dudes & The Dancers
08 – Twang ’em & Kerrang ’em
09 – It’s Not The End
10 – Interstellafella

Conny Bloom – Guitars, Vocals
Andy Christell – Bass
“Slim” Martin Thomander – Guitars
Niclas Sigevall – Drums
Jolle Atlagic – Drums (on the album)


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  2. Mike says:

    This site is the real holy grail of hard rock, saw thousands of killer bands here, let me suggest a fantastic band that never achieve the success they deserve and criminally ignored, it’s the band Washed and his epic tape I Need An Angel from 1987 or maybe some other brilliant demos floating on the web, hope we can get it on this majestic site. Cheers!

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