MORE – Blood & Thunder [Wounded Bird Records CD reissue]

MORE - Blood & Thunder [Wounded Bird Records CD reissue] full

As many of you aren’t happy at all with the Rock Candy remasters of MORE‘s albums featured here few days ago, now we have the Wounded Bird Records releases which are not specified if received a remastering, but let me tell you both CD’s sound excellent. Additionally, this WOU reissue of “Blood & Thunder” features the original cover art.

Atlantic Records released More’s second little beast definitely benefiting fully from the major label support, production sound remarkably bigger, and seriously sounding phenomenal, even more with this clear remastering job.
Recorded “virtually live” as stated in the liner notes, “Blood & Thunder” still has traces of NWOBHM punch but augmented by a hard rock groove and catchiness.

We have a new vocalist here with Mick Stratton vocal stylings suggesting a hybrid between W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless, Dio, and Brian Johnson.
This is, overall, a very straight forward, hard hitting record that really just does not let up. The album’s sound tends to stick to what you imagine the band’s live show would sound exactly like. Even the ways the songs are structured seem to be built around the band’s sound as its all straight forward Rock n Roll blasting away at 11.

Yeah, this album gets it’s backbone from the six string ferocity of Kenny Cox (listen for some awesome shredding soloing in “The Eye”). He’s really got a Classic Rock sound in a lot of parts, especially when he’s just sort of jamming with the bassist – nice to hear them opt to not include a rhythm guitar as it gives the album a more classic 4-piece band feel, except with perfect production.

If you love that classic early ’80s sound of the once reigning British Metal empire then this is more than worth a listen. “Blood & Thunder” is one album you can really “feel” musically due to its dependence on Hard Rock rhythms, and always upbeat tempos (with little exception).
Highly Recommended


01 – Killer On The Prowl
02 – Blood And Thunder
03 – I Just Can’t Believe It
04 – I’ve Been Waiting
05 – Traitors Gate
06 – Rock And Roll
07 – I Wanna Take You
08 – Go Home
09 – The Eye
10 – Nightmare

Mick Stratton – Vocals
Kenny Cox – Guitar
Brian Day – Bass
Andy John Burton – Drums



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