SILENT RAGE – Still Alive (third studio album Z Records)

SILENT RAGE - Still Alive (third studio album Z Records) full

With its title referring the band still was alive despite their 12-year recording hiatus, “Still Alive” is the third studio album of SILENT RAGE, co-produced between Pat Regan (Blck ‘N Blue, Deep Purple), Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon) and the band. Some songs are unreleased material from sessions with legendary producer Bob Ezrin, taped in the Nineties.
Musically retaining the melodic hard rock feeling and harmony vocals the band was known for in the ’80s yet with an updated sound (the new songs were recorded 2001), “Still Alive” rocks greatly with an arena-ready punch style for the 21st Century.

In the fine musical tradition of the raspy-vocals melodic rock anthemic styling of Paul Sabu’s unique voice, with an added dash of hair metal and glammy hard rock, Silent Rage nails the LA style and attitude completely.
Tracks like title track ‘Still Alive’ (with some ’87s Whitesnake on it) or the very catchy Dianne Warren penned ‘Unchained’ (a highlight) feature some great lead guitar breaks and strong hooks. ‘Whiskey Woman’ turns a little more Aerosmith-bluesy with a ballad twist, while ‘At My Command’ rocks hard and fast in the style of the band’s acclaimed classic material.

‘Is It My Body’ brings to mind the groovy material from Silent Rage’s second album, while ‘When the Night Is Over’ (another highlight) adds an AOR touch to its midtempo pace.
There is no mention of track 11 on any artwork but the disc includes a hidden track, a remix version of ‘Whiskey Woman’.
Fans of classic ’80s / early ’90s Silent Rage and American stadium rock in general certainly will enjoy “Still Alive” with open arms.
Highly Recommended


01 – Still Alive
02 – Unchained
03 – Whiskey Woman
04 – Livin’ For the Moment
05 – At My Command
06 – Is It My Body
07 – When the night Is Over
08 – The Hunger
09 – Remember Me
10 – I’m Back
Hidden Track:
11 – Whiskey Woman (Remix)

Jesse Damon – vocals, guitar
Mark Hawkins – vocals, guitar
E.J. Curse – bass, vocals
Brian James Fox – drums, vocals



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