SILENT RAGE – Four Letter Word [Frontiers Records release]

SILENT RAGE - Four Letter Word [Frontiers Records release] full

Playing with words in dirty mode, “Four Letter Word” is the fourth album by SILENT RAGE, some kind of a reunion record materialized by Frontiers Records.
Released in the late 2000’s, this is an album blasting out good Old School hard rock, with Jesse Damon and the guys opting for a rawer, traditional sound of the genre: timeless guitar driven hard rock. Think Kiss, ’90s Night Ranger, Diamond Legs, etc.

There’s an energetic opener on ”You Could Be The One” which flows with great riffs. Title track is much more, featuring that classic Silent Rage multi-part harmonies. The chorus sounds like something Alice Cooper could have come up with during his ‘Trash’ and ‘Hey Stoopid’ period.
“Man Or Machine” is a darker, rough forward-going rocker featuring the phenomenal Bruce Kulick: he does a tremendous job as always and adds a great taste to the song.

On the very melodic “Feel By Love” guitarist Mark Hawkins performs the lead vocals, then the band delivers a lovely 80s-type acoustic-based ballad similar to, for example, Poison and Bon Jovi-New Jersey era.
Bassist EJ Curse takes the mic for “Sinister Man”, indeed a quite sinister dark rocker with some Lynch Mob on it, and Silent Rage add more variation on “Sinister Man” with a sax line into the mix.

“Four Letter Word” is a very solid and interesting Silent Rage album, where the band tried to not repeat themselves and they succedeed delivering a varied set of songs with a more direct, classic rocking sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – You Could Be The One
02 – Four Letter Word
03 – Man Or Machine
04 – Feel By Love
05 – Close Your Eyes
06 – Sinister Man
07 – Hard Habit To Break
08 – Nobody Knows (Ballad Of Andy and Glory)
09 – Bona Fide
10 – I’m Not Lonely
11 – Trouble

Vocals, Guitar – Jesse Damon
Vocals, Guitar – Mark Hawkins
Bass, Vocals – EJ Curse
Drums, Vocals – Rodney Pino
Special Guests:
Bobby Blotzer – drums on 9
Dave Sprock – drums on 7
Brian James Fox – drums on 8, 10, 11
Bruce Kulick – guitar solo on 3
Cleto Escobedo – sax on 7
Dilana Robichaux – backing vocals
Gilby Clarke – guitar, piano



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