THE TAKE – Pink And Proud [previously unreleased ’80s recordings] (2021)

THE TAKE - Pink And Proud [previously unreleased '80s recordings] (2021) full

Metallic Blue Records is a new record label from USA focused on re-issuing hard rock and hair metal albums that never got a proper release. They just arranged with Eighties band THE TAKE to release all their recorded material for the first time.
Continuing with their mix of radio-friendly tunes driving with rocking guitar riffs, THE TAKE recorded the songs included into this “Pink And Proud” between 1985-86 with the typical sound from the era.
After the set of songs recorded in 1984 and now released on CD under the title “Get Taken”, THE TAKE continued playing gigs, scoring a slot in May 1985 opening up for Coney Hatch. In fact, Coney Hatch lead guitarist and keyboardist Steve Shelski borrowed Arthur’s Jupiter 6 synthesizer for the show.

There were some line up changes, including drummer Dan Medley (VAMP, HARLOT) and Janene Stewart who served as a second keyboard player. During this period, PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION and the popular movie “Purple Rain,” significantly influenced the band.
THE TAKE added more black, pink, and frills to their wardrobe. Hence the title of these recordings packed as “Pink And Proud”.
In the winter of 1985, the band entered Audio Vision Studio and laid down the songs “Down for the Count,” “Turn Away Eyes,” and “Catrina”. THE TAKE continued to play live as they wrote and perfected the next set of songs to take into the studio.
In the spring of 1986, the band went back into Audio Vision Studio and recorded the songs “Young Girls in Love,” “Alone Tonight,” and “Power of Youth.”

The band also soon added another member after headlining a gig at the club, “The Barbwire.” Before they went on stage, the band noticed local guitar legend, EJ Bell, who was known for playing in THE JACK, the biggest rock band from Utah at the time. THE JACK had just broken up and the band thought that he might be interested in joining another band.
The band asked EJ if he’d like to join the band and he eagerly accepted, and contributed guitar parts to the songs “Time After Time, “French Song,” and “Comes Now the Night.” The band entered the studio again in the summer of 1986 to record these songs, finishing up the album.

With the new album now complete, the band established Los Angeles, trying to get a record deal. While THE TAKE got success in the Californian circuit and labels were interested, nothing materialized and broke up.
Another interesting ‘lost band’ from the prolific US ’80s scene.


01 – Young Girls in Love
02 – Katrina
03 – Comes Now the Night
04 – Parlez Vous Francais (The French Song)
05 – The Power of Youth
06 – Time After Time
07 – Turn Away Eyes
08 – Alone Tonight
09 – Down for the Count



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