THE TAKE – Get Taken [previously unreleased ’80s recordings] (2021)

THE TAKE - Get Taken [previously unreleased '80s recordings] (2021) full

Metallic Blue Records is a new record label from USA focused on re-issuing hard rock and hair metal albums that never got a proper release. They just arranged with Eighties band THE TAKE to release all their recorded material for the first time.
After the band’s initial sound mixing new wave with hard rock, circa 1983-84 THE TAKE turned more radio friendly with that classy US style from the era: catchy choruses, big riffs and some bombastic drums. That’s the kind of material included into “Get Taken“.

THE TAKE decided to enter the 1984 battle of the bands which showcased many very talented bands from their area (Utah) and had them compete for studio time at Audio Vision Studio. THE TAKE put on a great show and surpassed many bands that commanded the scene for several years, taking second place right behind the heavy favorite to win, SOJOURN. The band left the battle of the bands with an added confidence and vigor.

Michael decided to reach out to THE TAKE’S first drummer, Chris Boudreaux, to persuade him to come back and drum for THE TAKE. Chris was currently DJing with his co-DJing partner Aaron Thatcher at a local club called “The Broadway.” The Chris and Aaron show then moved to a rival club called “Club Xenon” and the crowd followed the charismatic show to the new club. The duo packed the house every time they put on their show.
Chris agreed to join his old band as the drummer and the band then played the club “New Faces Roadhouse” on the very same night Chris DJed at “Club Xenon.”

After seeing Chris’s DJ performance at Xenon, Vancouver-based promoter, Lenard McMillian, known for such acts as “Cheech and Chong”, Heart, and others contacted Chris hoping to back the band. He told him that he was under the impression that Chris was the frontman of the band and not just the drummer. Lenard apparently would only back the band if Chris became the vocalist.
Chris took this proposition to the rest of the band and it was unanimous that Chris should become the band’s lead vocalist, initiating an update to the band’s membership.
THE TAKE was set and had new financial backing to launch them to new heights.

In late autumn of 1984, the band began to collaborate on a handful of songs, including “Boulevard”, “Xenon” and “Young Girls in Love”, that became one of the crowd favorites. With the new songs between them, they entered Skaggs Telecommunications Studio with their new financial backing and recorded the new material.

The band released these tracks on a cassette titled “Get Taken” which received local praise. The band continued to play out and gain popularity. THE TAKE won some studio time at Audio Vision Studios with Sam Foster (THE OSMONDS) who convinced the band that he could work their five songs with bigger and better production. The band re-recorded the five songs and were very pleased with the fuller sound that Sam was able to put together.
These are the tapes we have here, plus versions never released.
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01 – Baby Don’t Leave
02 – City Kid
03 – Boulevard
04 – Young Girls in Love
05 – Let’s Dance (Xenon)
06 – It’s My First Offense of Love (Alternate Version)
07 – Love Me in Leather (Alternate Version)
08 – The Beat (Alternate Version)
09 – She’s Got What It Takes (Alternate Version)
10 – Headed for a Breakdown (Alternate Version)
11 – Talk of the Town (Alternate Version)



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