TOURIS – Big Plans +1 [remastered reissue]

TOURIS - Big Plans +1 [remastered reissue] full

As requested, here’s another sought after US melodic hard rock indie album from the early Nineties, after many years finally reissued and digitally remastered: TOURIS “Big Plans”.
Note there’s a version floating the internet claiming to be remastered, which is not. Even the digital download at major retailers is not the remastered version, only available on this physical CD.
For a proof, listen to the ballad ‘Our Hearts’ as example, in the original with some noises and tape hiss due to the limited budget of the initial release. Here’s in pristine form.

Founded in the second half of the ’80s by singer / songwriter Tony Touris, ‘Touris’ had indeed ‘big plans’. Their brand of melodic rock with AORish ballads were the sound & style of the moment, unfortunately the band never secured a major label contract.
Perhaps for being located in the US East Coast where they toured the NY / New Jersey area with reported hot and packed venues – and with all members refusing to move to California – Touris struggled to get a record deal.

But they didn’ give up and having into the line-up guitarist Bob Aquaviva, also producer and owner of a recording studio (he was later the track engineer on Boston’s album ‘Corporate America’, among other works), the band recorded this debut “Big Plans” in 1990, released by themselves the following year.

Musically, Touris is classic US melodic hard rock avoiding linear arrangements, with most songs featuring ‘inside breaks’ and different arrangements, layers of harmony vocals, nice guitar riffs and keyboards flourishes.
Among my favorites there’s the smooth AOR of ‘Tonight’ and the fine ballad ‘We’ll Meet Again Someday’ both with a bit of ’85 Bon Jovi on it, ‘Sweet Home’ which adds acoustics to the mix in a Tyketto mode, and midtempo ‘I’m Sorry’ recalling a little of Alias with its atmospheric keys.

‘Dreams’ is a joyful melodic rocker, the melody of title track reminds me of a Two Fires song, while the aforementioned ‘Our Hearts’ has a sound similar to what Johnny Lima would do later. There’s some fillers (I’m sure the band wanted to record as much songs as possible) but all listeneable.
Touris’ “Big Plans” has that classy US early ’90s melodic rock sound and style we all love, and it’s great to see it available again.
Highly Recommended

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01 – When We Were Kids
02 – Touch ‘n’ Love
03 – Tonight
04 – We’ll Meet Again Someday
05 – Sweet Home
06 – Big Plans
07 – I’m Sorry
08 – All for One
09 – It’s Alright Now
10 – Our Hearts
11 – Dreams
12 – Don’t Grow Up Too Fast
13 – Couldn’t Love You More
14 – Merry Christmas To The World [Bonus Track]

Tony Touris – vocals, guitar
Bob Acquaviva – guitar, backing vocals
Joe Fanelli – keyboards
Joel Ciotti – bass, backing vocals
Kelly Yacco – drums



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