TIMOTHY JUDSON TAYLOR – Crossing The Rubicon (2021)

TIMOTHY JUDSON TAYLOR - Crossing The Rubicon (2021) full

For the last twenty five years American TIMOTHY JUDSON TAYLOR has been a lead vocalist and lead guitarist to an assortment of bands, meanwhile wrote his own material. Tim has amassed an enormous body of original work and always wanted to release it to the world in the way his mind heard it. With ”Crossing The Rubicon”, his first solo album, that dream is realized.
Taylor mention as influence the likes of Van Halen, Montrose, Y&T, and other great musical bands of the hard rock / glam metal era. And his rockin’ album indeed has the Eighties feeling of this style.
Also appearing on guest spots, are renowned keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian and guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.

From the opening riffs of the classic rocker ‘My Woman’, the Barracuda-like riffs of ‘East European Girl’, to the progressive mayhem that is ‘Cold Blue’ or the screaming arena rock of title track ‘Crossing The Rubicon, Timothy has delivered on that promise of an uncompromising classic rock, fun album.

Timothy has brought together an A-list roster of talent. Bassist Devin North and drummer Tim Smith are talented musical educators as well as touring musicians. Also appearing, are renowned keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian and guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.

Additionally, Matthew Mills, one of the world’s fastest, most technical guitarists according to Guitar Magazine, appears on ‘Cold Blue’ (trading licks with maestro Derek Sherinian).
This is a rocking album with a classic vintage American sound, and while production could be better it’s the strength of the songs & performances which makes this 40 minutes a cool listen.
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01 – My Woman
02 – East European Girl
03 – As Long As I’ve Got A Face
04 – Ready For Love
05 – Doing Just Fine
06 – Laying It On The Line
07 – Cold Blue
08 – Crossing The Rubicon
09 – The Fall Of Rome

Timothy Judson Taylor – vocals, guitar
Devin North – bass
Tim Smith – drums
Derek Sherinian – guest keyboards
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – guest guitar
Matthew Mills – guest guitar


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