HURRICANE – Over The Edge [digitally remastered + rare Japan CDsingle]

HURRICANE - Over The Edge [digitally remastered] full

Continuing with the request fulfill of HURRICANE remastered discography – one of the greatest melodic hard rock bands of the ’80s if you ask me, here’s their second album Over The Edge, a terrific slice of American Melodic Hard Rock.

“Over The Edge” is a superb ten-song collection of ’80s US Melodic Hard Rock with hooks and clever twists that bring it a cut above the expected fare that the plethora of hair bands gave the audience in that era.
With the same irreverent fun that made Ratt’s “Round & Round” so listenable, the songs here venture from the three to five minute range, whipped into shape with clean riffing behind a layered choruses, and Kelly Hansen’s very on-target vocals.

The title track – a re-recorded version for this album – includes here an atmospheric intro with acoustic guitars and soaring vocals. Killer tune.
It isn’t curious to hear a cover of Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen”, as long time Alice associate Bob Ezrin is listed as executive producer on this album. I like Hurricane’s version, bluesy, in a Kingdom Come vein.

‘Messin’ with a Hurricane” is inspired rock & roll, rising above the metal trappings with solid beats and some guitar majesty from Robert Sarzo (the brother of Quiet Riot’s Rudy Sarzo, just as bassist Tony Cavazo is the brother of Quiet Riot’s Carlos Cavazo).

HURRICANE - Over The Edge [digitally remastered] back

‘Insane’ brings some hair metal meets Aerosmith to the table, with Hansen sounding very similar to Warrant’s Jani Lane. ‘We Are Strong’ is an anthem from the era which I always found similar to Winger (a plus in my book), while ‘Spark in My Heart’ rocks with strong vocals and a chorus in a Lion / Icon mold.
‘Shout’ i perhaps the more hard rocking song on the album, with sharp guitars and a scorching solo.

And of course, there’s the hit ‘I’m On To You’, not the same version appeared in the band’s first album reissue. This track was a real earworm at the time, the video was all over MTV, and the single ranked the Top-40.

Produced by Mike Clink – who a year after helped put together Guns N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction – the album was somehow ahead of its time in terms of sound, because “Over The Edge” (1988) sports that polished, glossy melodious output which all bands from the genre would adopt a year later, the glorious 1989.

HURRICANE - Livin' Over The Edge [Japanese CDsingle] disc

“Over The Edge” is a very good American Melodic Hard Rock album from the second half of the ’80s, and this remastered reissue made justice to it after many years out of print.

And 0dayrox always got a plus, adding the mega rare, Japanese CDsingle of “Livin’ Over The Edge”, including as B-side “I’m On To You (Na Na Na Na Na Na) [Single Version Remix]”, a completely different version exclusive to this single, and never released outside Japan.


01 – Over the Edge
02 – I’m Eighteen
03 – I’m On To You
04 – Messin’ With a Hurricane
05 – Insane
06 – We Are Strong
07 – Spark in My Heart
08 – Give Me an Inch
09 – Shout
10 – Baby Snakes
Livin’ Over The Edge [Japan CDsingle]
01 – Livin’ Over The Edge [Single Version]
02 – I’m On To You (Na Na Na Na Na Na) [Single Version Remix]

Kelly Hansen – vocals, guitars
Jay Schellen – drums, percussion and vocals
Robert Sarzo – guitars and vocals
Tony Cavazo – bass guitar and vocals



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