TRAPEZE – You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band [Cherry Red remastered 3xCD Deluxe Edition] (2020)

TRAPEZE - You Are The Music...We're Just The Band [Cherry Red remastered 3xCD Deluxe Edition] (2020) full

Cherry Red Records / Purple Records just started a reissue campaign of TRAPEZE – the group formed by future Deep Purple Glenn Hughes and Phenomena’s Mel Galley – all remastered and with additional discs of bonus material.
This 3xCD deluxe edition of ‘You Are The Music… We’re Just The Band’ – Trapeze third album and the last with Glenn Hughes before he join Deep Purple – has been expanded with non-album tracks and previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 In Concert series and more.

Recorded at Decca Studios and Island Studios in London, their third album ‘You Are The Music… We’re Just The Band’ was produced by Neil Slaven, with its release preceded by the ‘Coast To Coast’ single.
The album includes a number of notable guests, including B. J. Cole on steel guitar for ‘Keepin’ Time’ and ‘Coast to Coast’, plus Rod Argent on electric piano for ‘Coast to Coast’ and piano on ‘Feelin’ So Much Better Now’.

This 3xCD deluxe edition has been expanded with the mono version of the ‘Coast To Coast’ single, plus the non-album tracks ‘Good Love’ and ‘Dat’s It’.
Four tracks were aired for the 1973 Radio 1 In Concert series, taken from an “off-air” recording. One of Trapeze’s major strongholds was Texas, so it’s no surprise that this collection is completed with a track recorded in Dallas in 1972, plus a whole show from Houston the same year.

A great album, and a strong follow-up to the outstanding ‘Medusa’, this remaster sounds excellent, while the bonuses are hot, showcasing how good Trapeze were alive, all with very good sound quality.

Glenn Hughes would leave Trapeze to join Deep Purple in 1973, leaving Mel Galley and Dave Holland to soldier on for the remainder of the 1970s, periodically reforming this classic three-piece line-up.
Highly Recommended


Disc 1 : You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band +3
01 – Keepin’ Time
02 – Coast To Coast
03 – What Is A Woman’s Role
04 – Way Back To The Bone
05 – Feelin’s So Much Better Now
06 – Will Our Love End
07 – Loser
08 – You Are The Music
09 – Coast To Coast (Mono Version)
10 – Good Love
11 – Dat’s It

Disc 2 – Bonus Tracks (previously unreleased):
BBC Radio 1 In Concert:
01 – You Are The Music
02 – What Is A Woman’s Role
03 – Way Back To The Bone
04 – Your Love Is Alright
Live in Dallas:
05 – Black Cloud

Disc 3 : Live in Houston (previously unreleased):
06 – Way Back To The Bone
07 – You Are The Music
08 – Jury
09 – Seafull
10 – Your Love Is Alright
11 – Medusa
12 – Black Cloud
13 – Touch My Life
14 – Keepin’ Time

Glenn Hughes – bass, piano, vocals
Mel Galley – guitar
Dave Holland – drums, percussion



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