HOLLYWOOD UNDERGROUND – st (feat Jeff Scott Soto, members of Warrant, Roxy Blue, Keel, Southgang)

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As requested, here’s the album released under the name HOLLYWOOD UNDERGROUND by Jerry Dixon (Warrant’s bass player) including the several tracks they recorded with different musicians, and some other side-projects that never materialized.
This is ’80s US glam metal / melodic hard rock with catchy choruses featuring the likes of Jeff Scott Soto, ex Roxy Blue vocalist Todd Poole on songs when he was briefly part of Warrant, Jesse Harte (ex Southgang vocalist), unreleased demos with Jani Lane, Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy, Tommy Thayer (Kiss, ex Black ‘N Blue, ex Doro) on guitar, and more.
Sound quality is fine overall, and it’s a pleasure to hear, as example, Soto on the rocker ‘Arms of Love”, Jesse Harte’s voice on ‘Girl’, Todd Poole on ‘Does it Matter’, etc.
Highly Recommended


01 – Honey
02 – Arms of Love
03 – Does it Matter
04 – Faraway Eyes
05 – Cry Baby
06 – Girl
07 – Feel
08 – I’ll get By
09 – Lap of Luxury
10 – Best I Can
11 – When will it End
12 – In Confusion

Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T., Talisman)
Todd Poole (ex Roxy Blue)
Jani Lane (Warrant)
Pat Briggs (ex Warrant, ex Ru Ready)
Lee Kaights
G. David Brooks (ex Slammin’ Gradys)
Michael Mulholland (ex Marc Ferrari, ex Medicine Wheel)
Jesse Harte (ex Southgang)
Bruce Nauman (ex Hericane Alice)

Butch Walker (ex Southgang)
Marc Ferrari (Keel, Medicine Wheel)
Danny Gill (ex Medicine Wheel, ex Hericane Alice)
Tommy Thayer (Kiss, ex Black ‘N Blue, ex Doro)
Brad Bailey
Galen Walker
Erik Turner (Warrant)
Joey Cagle
Tony Pinnick
Rick Steier (ex Warrant, ex Kingdom Come)
Joey Allen (ex Warrant)

Jerry Dixon (Warrant)

James Kottak (Scorpions, ex Dio, ex Kingdom Come)
Steve Chamberlin (ex Warrant, Sunset Stripped)
Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger)


out of print

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