STARCASTLE – Fountains Of Light [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

STARCASTLE - Fountains Of Light [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] full

As requested, now we have the Rock Candy Records remastered & reloaded reissue of American prog / pompsters STARCASTLE second album “Fountains Of Light“.
After a very well received self-titled debut, the band was sent into the studio (Morin Heights, Quebec) to record their next album with flamboyant and creative British producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Journey, Foreigner).
For many, “Fountains Of Light” is Starcastle’s finest moment. Baker’s production is meticulous yet forceful, allowing the band to stretch out and take on the competition without sacrificing integrity or a natural melodic songwriting ability.
Packed out with great melodies for and submerged in complex yet accessible arrangements at places recalling Kansas and Boston, the album oozes charm and class. Housed in one of the most impressively designed album sleeves of the ’70s, ”Fountains Of Light” still presses all the right buttons.

Despite having a sound very similar to British progressive rock, in reality their music is a bit lighter, as if they wanted to do something more environmental, more AOR. Their interpretations are clear, precise and well executed. They use the vocals as vocal games like if they are part of another instrument.
However, the group considers the influence of other styles, notably North American acts like Kansas, Boston, Styx and REO Speedwagon. And indeed, they can meet all this demand with quality by producing a great melodic progressive rock album.

“Fountains Of Light” has gorgeous harmonies, bass lines playing as a lead instrument, symphonic keyboard flourishes, excellent guitar playing, impeccable drumming and nice vocals.
It’s progressive yet very accessible, melodic, and this remaster is really good capturing the essence of the original recording.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fountains
02 – Dawning Of The Day
03 – Silver Winds
04 – True To The Light
05 – Portraits
06 – Diamond Song (Deep Is the Light)

Terry Luttrell – Lead vocals
Herb Schildt – Synthesizers, organ, piano
Gary Strater – Bass guitar, Taurus pedals, vocals
Stephen Hagler – Guitars, vocals
Matthew Stewart – Guitars, vocals
Stephen Tassler – Drums, percussion, vocals



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4 Responses

  1. LDKO says:

    Great diiscovering of this album
    Hope you can also upload Starcastle’s 1977 Citadel Rock Candy’s version too. THANKS so much

  2. Örjan says:

    I may have missed them, but if you also have “Starcastle” and “Citadel”, these are gratefully received. Rock Candy of course …

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