STEEL RHINO – Steel Rhino (2021)

STEEL RHINO - Steel Rhino (2021) full

STEEL RHINO is the new solo band of Swede Mikael Rosengren, drummer for melodic hard rockers Dirty Passion and Bai Bang. Together with current Firewind vocalist Herbie Langhans (ex- Voodoo Circle), the group is unleashing their debut self-titled album “Steel Rhino“, a mix between American and European Hard Rock with ’80s and ’90s influences.
We find here 11 punchy melodic hard rockers where Langhans impressive voice commands the proceedings, all wrapped by a bright and clear mix & production.

A galloping drum beat and a classic guitar riff lead the charge on the appropriately titled opening song “Rhino Attack.” Langhans delivers equal parts melodic and edgy. “Lovin’ Easy” has a chorus section that is sure to get stuck in your head.
If you grew up with late ’70s and ’80s Metal in your arsenal, then you surely remember that a lot of bands had a song named after them. Steel Rhino is no different with the hard-charger “Steel Rhino”.

It’s the Mikael Rosengren drum show on “Bells of Midnight”, while Langhans is reminiscent of a young Udo Dirkschneider here. “Fire and Ice” has a bit of a blues swagger to it but still ballsy, then “Sands of Time” has a head-bobbing, fist-pumping beat to it – a favorite.
“Boom Boom” is a rally cry for changing the injustices in the world today, and the energetic closer “New Tomorrow” brings to mind early Nineties stuff with its arrangements.

On their debut album, Steel Rhino proves you don’t need to be complicated to make a good old-school inspired hard rock / metal album. Precise beats, simple riffs, and catchy choruses will always trump crazy time signatures and intricate guitar scale runs when you only want a cool time with a beer at hand.
Steel Rhino’s debut is a fun rocking ride, at places punchy and energetic as a rhino, at other melodic and catchy.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rhino Attack
02 – Arrival
03 – Lovin Easy
04 – Steel Rhino
05 – Bells of Midnight
06 – Fire And Ice
07 – Ghost From The Past
08 – Sands of Time
09 – Life We Choose
10 – Boom Boom
11 – New Tomorrow

Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Mikael Rosengren – Drums
Pilip Vihelmsson – Guitars, Bass


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