KANSAS – Kansas [Japan Blu-spec CD remastered +2] HQ

KANSAS - Kansas [Japan Blu-spec CD remastered +2 CARDBOARD SLEEVE REISSUE SERIES] HQ (2021) full

Truth to be said, you need the very first KANSAS albums in your collection to understand how contemporary Rock music has evolved over its history. And how better than this Japanese cardboard sleeve reissue series pressed on high quality Blu-spec CD format, fully remastered and including bonus tracks.
Early KANSAS albums needed a proper remastering to update / clean the sound but also preserve the original harmonics and analog tapes warm nature. These Blu-spec CD are amazing, believe me.
Kansas“, their debut album from 1974 still remains unheard by many, and it’s more than a regarding listen feeling fresh and innovative even today, 2021.

Kansas had paid their dues by the time they were signed to Don Kirshner’s label and released their eponymous first album. The band had been touring in one form or another since 1970, appearing as an opening act for Queen, Mott the Hoople and, in an interesting bit of historical trivia, The Doors for their final show with Jim Morrison.
Songwriter Wally Gold, who worked for Kirshner Records, “discovered” the band in 1973 and produced their debut album. The group had little experience in the studio and too little time, Gold was hardly a prog visionary, and what ended up on the first Kansas album was a snapshot of the band’s stageshow, which ranged from hard rock numbers to ten-minute epics.

Despite what could fairly be described as passages of musical pomp and songs that wouldn’t qualify as prog at all (“Lonely Wind,” a spirited cover of J.J. Cale’s “Bringing It Back”), Kansas is a near classic in the prog rock canon.
The opening “Can I Tell You” and “Journey From Mariabronn” (based on Herman Hesse’s novel, Narcissus and Goldmund) are career keepers. They may not be as famous as “Carry On Wayward Son” or “Dust in the Wind,” but they’re clearly the work of the same band.
The remaining prog tracks are effective too; “Aperçu” grows on you over time, and “Belexes” is as good as anything you’ll find on the early Rush albums.

Of course Kansas would reach their peak in upcoming albums, however this self-titled debut showcases the beast in the making. As said, “Can I Tell You” (we have as bonus the very first demo of this song) and “Journey From Mariabronn” are worth the price alone.
The group’s signature sound – bombastic arrangements laced with violin, fleeting passages of sublime proggery and a uniquely American earnestness – is already in place on this debut ”Kansas”.
This remaster on Blu-spec CD is simply gorgeous.
HIGHLY Recommended



01 – Can I Tell You
02 – Bringing It Back
03 – Lonely Wind
04 – Belexes
05 – Journey From Mariabronn
06 – The Pilgrimage
07 – Apercu
08 – Death Of Mother Nature Suite
09 – Bringing It Back (Live)
10 – Can I Tell You (Demo)

Steve Walsh – lead and backing vocals, piano, organ, congas
Kerry Livgren – guitars, piano, organ, Moog, backing vocals
Robby Steinhardt – violin, lead and backing vocals
Rich Williams – electric and acoustic guitars
Dave Hope – bass, backing vocals
Phil Ehart – drums
Jay Siegel (from The Tokens) – vocals on “Lonely Wind”


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