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TERAMAZE are Australia’s premier Progressive Metal act, but their quality goes beyond – they are one of the best from the current scene. During the last 11 months, the band has been through multiple statewide lockdowns, with no gig opportunities and were rarely in the same room together… however, the band’s creative juices were still very high, and they were able to produce 3 full-length albums.
Yes, they released an album at the end of 2020, another last May, and now “And The Beauty They Perceive”. And they did something awesomely different here.
TERAMAZE created their most accessible album to date, mixing progressive metal with melodic rock, hard rock and melodic metal. While there’s two lengthy tracks on “For “And The Beauty They Perceive”, the album packs 9 catchy, melodic, commercial tunes some in the vein of the Scandinavian melodic / hard current sound.
Having this kind of catchy stuff in the hands of such virtuoso musicians, the results are outstanding.
“And The Beauty They Perceive” not only is one of the best prog metal albums of the year, and this to your melodic / hard list too.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – And the Beauty They Perceive
02 – Jackie Seth
03 – Untide
04 – Modern Living Space
05 – Blood of Fools
06 – Waves
07 – Son Rise
08 – Search for the Unimaginable
09 – Head of the King

Dean Wells – Vocals, Guitars & Keys
Andrew Cameron – Bass
Chris Zoupa – Guitars & Keys
Nick Ross – Drums


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