JO’ MAMA – Mother Of Mercy ’92 [previously unreleased / remastered]

JO' MAMA - Mother Of Mercy '92 [previously unreleased / remastered] full

As requested, let listen to “Mother Of Mercy“, the 1991-92 recordings from rockers JO’ MAMA, never properly released back in the day, remastered by Demon Doll Records. The band managed to put out a self-released cassette with some of these songs, but now these Hollywood bad boys opened their Sunset Strip era vault for a complete album.
JO’ MAMA brings a well crafted furious approach to their version of the late ’80s LA scene that can only remind one of bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Junkyard.
There’s some seriously infectious grooves, in your face bluesy hard rockers with tracks like “Down In The Gutter”, “Mother Of Mercy”, “Not Going Home” and “Everything” – this is nothing but a pure assault on the senses that’s as gritty as “Appetite For Destruction” and as real as “Sixes, Sevens & Nines”.

Huggin’ the Hollywood gutter, JO’ MAMA grease ”Mother Of Mercy” with “Not Going Home” packin’ street sleazy and a bitchin’ groove. There’s a definite Skid Row lean this amped-up rocker”, while the group channel L.A. Guns via the bass-heavy “Everything”.
Recorded during the early ’90s, the glamstruck rollin’ JO’ MAMA also pressed hard on the bad ass back alley scuz laid down by Guns N’ Roses, with the defiant “Hell No” raising a extended middle finger to one ‘n’ all in their f@ckin’ way.
Unfortunately for JO’ MAMA and a glut of other SoCal groups from the early ’90s, the self-loathing grunge wave laid waste to the wild Sunset Strip scene.

From forming in the same rehearsal lock out as Lita Ford, to sharing the Hollywood stages with Junkyard to touring the USA, JO’ MAMA rock with attitude and they did it their way.
After a couple of spins of this Glam Metal lost album there is absolutely no doubt these guys walked the walked and talked the talked and has the songs to back it up.
Highly Recommended


01 – Mother Of Mercy
02 – Not Going Home
03 – madhouse
04 – Everything
05 – Dynamite Kiss
06 – Down In The Gutter
07 – FOAD
08 – Hell No
09 – American Psycho


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