ADRIANGALE – Final Piece [2xCD Digitally Remastered + Unreleased] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

ADRIANGALE - Final Piece [2xCD Digitally Remastered + Unreleased] (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

After more than two decades carrying the torch for melodic hard rock in America, ADRIANGALE is calling it quits. They never had the profile that every cookie cutter project “band” seems to get by default, but the group – which features vocalist Jamie Rowe of Guardian fame – released album after album of top shelf melodic hard rock over the years and could deliver just as well in a live setting.
And while it’s sad to see them go, they said goodbye on a high note with the appropriately titled ”Final Piece”, a 2-disc collection released as a collaboration between their longtime label Kivel Records and the Eonian Records reissue label.
”Final Piece” is a fantastic, 2-disc set featuring 27 songs including never-released recordings, demos, as well as the most loved songs from the band’s five full-length albums, EP, and live album, all remastered.

ADRIANGALE, with their signature style and infectiously melodic brand of hard rock, came crashing onto the scene in 2000 with their debut album ‘Feel the Fire’ on Kivel Records. A powerhouse combination of Jamie Rowe’s heart and soul-rooted, bluesy aesthetic vocals and the instantly memorable tunes of chief songwriter and guitarist Vic Rivera, ADRIANGALE has consistently released albums that have become favorites of many melodic rock fans around the world.

ADRIANGALE’s studio albums have featured various stellar musicians and top-notch musicianship with Jamie Rowe on lead vocals, Vic Rivera on 6 and 12-string guitars, and Eddie Campbell on lead guitar at the heart of the band’s lineup. ADRIANGALE would eventually release five full-length albums, an EP, and a live album: ‘Under the Hood’ (2001), ‘Re: Program’ (2002), ‘Live Program’ (2003), ‘Crunch’ (2004), ‘Sucker Punch!’ (2013), and ‘Defiance’ (2014), and now ‘Final Piece’ (2021).

Each album was distinct in its own way, but never drifting too far from the band’s sound. Vic and Jamie would evolve in their songwriting collaboration with each album but retain the band’s identity. A talent and trait that not a lot of bands can lay claim to. Each album was unique in its own way and each being another piece to the puzzle they were creating.
Like all good stories, you have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Although hearing such cold finality may make the loyalist sad to hear. However, understanding that completing the puzzle makes all the years of hard work, sacrifice, fighting, friendships, and everything that has gone into making ADRIANGALE what it was and what it became, worth the journey.

On disc 1, Final Piece takes you on a tour of Adriangale’s discography, giving listeners 3-4 of the best songs from each of the band’s five studio albums.
Now each fan’s definition of “best” may vary, and some favorites didn’t make the cut, but it’s hard to argue that these 17 songs aren’t “A” material. It gives you a great feel for Adriangale’s brand of hard-hitting, old school melodic rock, and shows you what happens when a band starts strong and somehow manages to get better with every release.

Disc 2 ‘Missing Pieces’ is what will appeal most to those die-hard fans who already own the band’s studio albums. It’s a 10-track collection of live songs and rarities, including a killer cover of Lou Gramm’s classic “Midnight Blue,” bonus tracks like “Kiss A Girl” and “Stealing Hearts” and some previously unreleased remixes and demo tracks.

”Final Piece” delivers on two fronts: it’s the perfect best of / introduction to Adriangale’s sound for newcomers, and it’s got a lot of rare tracks to satisfy their die-hard fans.
If you haven’t heard the band before but love the classic sound of bands like Mr. Big, Danger Danger and Pretty Maids’ less metallic moments, ”Final Piece” is a great way to discover one of US melodic rock’s best kept secrets. If you’re already a fan, it’s a perfect retrospective and rarities collection.
Either way, crank it up!
HIGHLY Recommended

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DISC 1 : Best Of – Remastered
01 – Feel The Fire
02 – Save Our Love
03 – Giving It Up
04 – Still Burning
05 – Heartbreak Guaranteed
06 – Closer
07 – Crunch
08 – Faith
09 – Without A Moments Notice
10 – Long Gone
11 – Sucker Punch!
12 – The Black And Blue
13 – When I Said You’d Be The One
14 – Believe
15 – Defiance
16 – What About Love
17 – Sometimes

DISC 2 : Missing Pieces
01 – Midnight Blue (Unreleased) [Lou Gramm cover]
02 – Kiss A Girl (Bonus Track) [Keith Urban cover]
03 – Last Call (Revisited)
04 – Crying To Me (Unreleased Demo)
05 – All My Heart (From LIVE Program)
06 – Speed (From Defiance)
07 – Stealing Hearts (From Hood EP)
08 – Closer (Remixed Version)
09 – Heartbreak Guaranteed LIVE (From LIVE Program)
10 – Feel The Fire LIVE FROM SPAIN (From Hood EP)

Jamie Rowe – lead vocals
Vic Rivera – guitars, backing vocals, bass, drums
Eddie Campbell, Scott Miller – guitar
Doug Odell, Scott Novello bass
Frank Calarco – drums



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