DeGARMO & KEY – Straight On [Digitally Remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive*

DeGARMO & KEY - Straight On [Digitally Remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

As requested, here’s another of the recently remastered albums (for the first time) from duo DeGARMO & KEY, who in fact were a full band led by keyboardist Eddie DeGarmo: and frontman / guitarist
Dana Key. DeGarmo & Key were forerunners and pioneers of early CCM rock, but their music transcended outside religious circles and reached several markets all over their 3-decade career.
Straight On”, the second effort from DeGARMO & KEY from 1979 was a bit of a transition album; while debut had a classic rock, blues feel and some progressive, ”Straight On” incorporated the sound & style rapidly growing in America: FM radio friendly rock, so the band added a lot of keyboards, catchy refrains, sing-along choruses and a production bringing to mind early TOTO, BENNY MARDONES, EDDIE MONEY, iTEN, etc.

On ”Straight On” DeGARMO & KEY raised the bar for quality even higher. Eddie and Dana took part in its production, and established a tight knit band that gelled together like a well-oiled machine.
On the opening track, “Jericho,” a classic rocker that features impeccable production quality, we hear a band at the top of their game. On the catchy “Livin’ on the Edge of Dyin’,” Eddie is featured on lead vocals.
Flourishes of the progressive rock sound of their debut continue on “Bad Livin’,” but the band also mix poppy melodies on tracks like “I Never Knew You” and funkiness on the rocker “Long Distance Runner.”
There’s even some bluesy hard rock flavor blended in on “Let Me Help You Today.”

This album helped establish DeGARMO & KEY as musicians and songwriters of the highest order – they contributed songs for many artists – and is widely considered their best album. It’s that kind of 1979-1980 albums recorded in America that owns a ‘special atmosphere’, similar to the LA Session crew legendary recordings.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Jericho
02 – Livin’ On The Edge Of Dyin’
03 – Go Tell Them
04 – Bad Livin’
05 – Enchiridion
06 – Long Distance Runner
07 – Let Him Help You Today
08 – I Never Knew You
09 – Mary

Lead Vocals, Guitar – Dana Key
Keyboards, Vocals – Eddie DeGarmo
Bass – Ken Porter
Drums – Terry Moxley



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