PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR - Rumors (2021) full

German retro rockers PUSSIES ON THE DANCEFLOOR are ready to release their new album ”Rumors”, where you can expect a versatile range of energetic, melodic and groove based rocking songs. Blasting tons of energy through the speakers, the band take you on a retrospective journey back to the times of ’80s Glam Hard Rock, yet also adding harder sounds of modern times.
POISON. The Brett Michaels band. Yeah, that’s ‘Pussies On The Dancefloor’ influence. Just listen to the title track, ‘Never Ever’, or the power ballad ‘For the Rest of my Life’, which is track 5 on the CD. But since then… the guys turn things heavier, with swirling guitars.
Track 8 speaks for itself: ‘Blow it Away’ rocks with fire akin KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, there’s some TUFF on ‘3 Minutes” however with edgier guitars. And there’s more; ‘Razor’s Edge’ is plenty of dirty riffage with some KEEL on it.
A varied, strong album ranging from ’80s hair metal to edgy melodic glammy hard rock, very well produced and executed.
Highly Recommended


1 – Rumors
2 – Never Ever
3 – Abbie
4 – Broke but Rich
5 – For the Rest of m Life, Pt. 2
6 – 3 Minutes
7 – Make Love not War
8 – Blow it away
9 – Razors Edge
10 – Love = War
11 – Proud & Horny
12 – Four Gay Dogs, a Flamingo and a Rubberduck

Amon – Vocals
Ray – Bass
Tom – Drums
Taylor – Guitar
Phil – Guitar



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