LAND OF GYPSIES (Terry Ilous) – Land of Gypsies (2021)

LAND OF GYPSIES (Terry Ilous) - Land of Gypsies (2021) (2021) full

LAND OF GYPSIES, formerly known as Gang Of Souls, is a new L.A. based band featuring an artistic union between vocalist Terry Ilous (XYZ, ex-Great White), together with producer and bassist Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, Supersonic Blues Machine, Eric Gales, etc.).
Rounding out the line-up are Serge Simic on guitar (The Slam, Supersonic Blues Machine) and Tony Morra on drums. The band spent a wealth of time during the pandemic in 2020 working on and developing their sound. Their target was to write music leaning towards a classic hard rock sound with unforgettable melodies and a solid bluesy background to compliment Ilous’ stellar vocals.
Terry is the centerpiece on this self-ltitled debut album, and he’ll turn even more heads than what he’s been admirably doing since XYZ’s debut and when he was with Great White. This record represents the type of straight ahead hard rock music that really makes us move.
HIGHLY Recommended


1 – Believe
2 – Shattered
3 – Trouble
4 – Give Me Love
5 – Somewhere Down the Line
6 – Rescue Me
7 – Not an Ordinary Man
8 – Runaway
9 – Long Summer Day
10 – Rambling Man
11 – Get It Right

Terry Ilous – Lead & backing vocals
Serge Simic – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Fabrizio “Fab” Grossi – Bass
AJ Morra – Drums & Percussions
Eric Ragno – Hammond, Wurly & Rhodes
Jeff Northrup – Additional guitars on “Somewhere Down The Line”


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