RECKLESS LOVE – Spirit [Re-Release +3] (2021)

RECKLESS LOVE - Spirit [Re-Release +3] (2021) full

While on a hiatus but not disbanded, melodic hard rockers RECKLESS LOVE are re-releasing their celebrated album ”Spirit“. Eight years after the original release of “Spirit” – their third – this rocking, catchy CD gets treated with a definitive edition for the first time uniting the original album with all three bonus tracks in one release: the UK Edition Bonus, the Japan Edition Bonus, and the Spotify Edition Bonus, previously unavailable on physical format.
“Spirit” has a strong influence from the ‘big hair’ hits of the ’80s, and indeed, aiming to capture the spirit of that golden era. Anyone can get the Eighties look down if they try hard enough, but not many can write and play fine songs in this infectious, melodic style. Reckless Love have nailed it in spades for “Spirit”.

Opener “Night On Fire” is a statement of intent. Blending some hypnotic, voodoo drums and turning some almost tribal chants into archetypal eighties ‘whoa, whoa’ is just going to grab you. Sounding so catchy that this track should be heard on every radio in the world during the Summer.
“Bad Lovin´” follows with more of those hit making tricks from the time when rock ruled the airwaves (‘na, na, na’ this time) and, yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s all about sex, in the Motley Crue circa ’88 style.

Track three sees Olli Herman make the claim “I Love Heavy Metal”. Here Reckless Love turf out a Tuff sounding classic for an all new generation of Finnish Hairband fans while name checking some classic acts along the way. It’s a cool melodic hard rocker recalling Warrant in its prime, with a very nice melody and one of my favorites on the disc.
“Favorite Flavor” follows the theme – upbeat, joyous and with a pop-metal chorus as signature. The midtempo “Edge Of Our Dreams” adds some modernity to the album, but I prefer when Reckless Love push the pedal with sharp riffs, and this is not the case here.
For example, next track “Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love” is a marching rocker driven by bouncy rhythms and harmonies, a simple song, but this is what you want to hear from this band, and they do it truly well.

“Dying To Live” is a clean (guitars and rhythm section) rock song, again a bit modern, yet really effective. On “Metal Ass” they go for a fast, anthemic metallic tune which I like a lot, then “Runaway Love” is a fine melodic rocker with a contagious chorus.
“So Happy I Could Die” is another fav of mine, one of these type of songs build for the arenas. Huge guitars, massive backing vocals and that ‘spirit’ which Reckless Love is searching for.
The album ends (the UK version will include an extra track) with the only proper ballad; “Hot Rain”, a tale of heartbreak & loss well constructed, arranged and orchestrated faithful to the eighties power ballad mould.

This reissue includes as bonus the UK release exclusive track ”Die Hard”, a groovy rocker with a street attitude, the Japan Edition bonus ”Angel Falling”, a terrific midpaced AORish melodic rocker, and the Spotify Edition only ”Gone With A Smile”, a fun hairy metal tune with some ’80s Def Leppard on it.

Reckless Love succeeded to recapture the ’80’s “Spirit” here with some really catchy tunes, the right attitude and excellent production for this genre. One of the best albums of the year when released, and it’s nice to re-discover it 2021 with additional, worthy tracks.
Highly Recommended


01 Night On Fire
02 Bad Lovin’
03 I Love Heavy Metal
04 Favorite Flavor
05 Edge Of Our Dreams
06 Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love
07 Dying To Live
08 Metal Ass
09 Runaway Love
10 So Happy I Could Die
11 Hot Rain
12 Die Hard (2013 UK Edition Bonus)
13 Angel Falling (2013 Japan Edition Bonus)
14 Gone With A Smile (2013 Spotify Edition Bonus)

Olli Herman – Vocals
Pepe – Guitar
Jalle Verne – Bass
Hessu Maxx – Drums



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