RISE OF UTOPIA (feat Timo Tolkki) – Who Am I To Say (2022)

RISE OF UTOPIA (feat Timo Tolkki) - Who Am I To Say (2022) full

RISE OF UTOPIA was formed in 2021 in Finland but consisting of international musicians. They got Timo Tolkki’s bless and help to get a record deal, and also play here on “Who Am I To Say“, the band’s debut CD.RISE OF UTOPIA’s style is classic, traditional hard rock yet with a very modern sound. While we hear a classy Hammond organ solo on songs like ‘Not a Chance’, the track is far from being a Seventies flare. The rhythm section is groovy all over the album, and the guitar work sharp, muscular and melodic
Lead vocalist Deibys impress with his powerful tenor pipes clearly heard thanks to the excellent production and mix. And “Who Am I To Say” is benefited by the songs around the 3 and a half minute mark.

RISE OF UTOPIA sounds really mature and doesn’t feels like a debut album. All band members are experienced musicians having worked as session players for many, and arranged / composed for others.
A strong, very solid debut album full of energy and melodies.
Highly Recommended


01 – Love is a Game
02 – No Red Roses
03 – Not a Chance
04 – Tears in My Eyes
05 – Who Am I to Say
06 – Sound of a Warning
07 – My Mama Used to Tell Me
08 – Break the Silence
09 – Madame Magic
10 – Gimme a Kiss

vocals – Deibys
guitar – Teuvo
bass – Jupe
keyboards – Roman
drums – Alex



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