PRISM – From The Vaults [the lost songs / rare versions]

PRISM - From The Vaults [the lost songs / rare versions] full

We featured here some of the best material from Canadians PRiSM, and many of you asked for more. Here’s the very interesting release titled “From The Vaults“, taking, indeed, unreleased recordings from the band, rare remixes and alternate versions.
The compilation is focused on the most commercial era from the band, melodic rock with radio appeal and that early Eighties classic sound. And speaking of sound quality of the tracks featured here, all results very good. These are not demos but professionally recorded & produced songs.
Pure – and really good – 80s stuff.


01 – Fine
02 – We Gotta Get Outta Here
03 – Rain (Alternate Version)
04 – Cadillac Club
05 – Don’t Count On Me
06 – Modern Times (Alternate Version)
07 – Dirty Mind (Alternate Version)
08 – Breakin’ Away
09 – I Don’t Wanna Want You (Alternate Version)
10 – Japanese Girl
11 – State Of The Heart
12 – Open Soul Surgery
13 – It’s Over
14 – Take Me Away
15 – Coming Home (live)
16 – Another World
17 – When Will I See You Again (Alternate Version)
18 – Heart Ans Soul (Alternate Version)
19 – Stay (Alternate Version)
20 – Is He Better Than Me (Alternate Version)


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