AL HARLOW (Prism) – Now! (2022)

AL HARLOW (Prism) - Now! (2022) full

Now!” is the debut album from a very familiar face in Canadian music: AL HARLOW, founder member of ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock wonders PRiSM. All over the band’s history Harlow has been songwriter, bass player, guitarist and even lead vocalist but never released a solo album, and never its too late… Now!
An experienced musician with more than four decades in the business, Al Harlow is a rock storyteller. “Al Harlow Now!” comprises ten riveting songs which tell his story, revealing his relentless spirit.
Harlow’s stunning vocal range and soulful guitar is surrounded by powerhouse talent including guitarist Sean Kelly (LEE AARON), keyboardist / guitarist John Webster (RED RIDER, THE CULT) Mike Fraser, and other talented Canadians.
From the explosive “Let It Go” to the world-weary, eternal optimism of “Way of the World”, Al Harlow takes you into his enigmatic journey. And yes, he rocks, mixing classic rock / melodic rock with an ’80s, timeless feel.

A lot can be read into an album called ”Now”, sometimes a covert admission that something is wrong, sometimes a declaration that the act is still on top of what is happening (now), sometimes the beginning of a new chapter or sometimes a reflection of the experiences that has brought him – Harlow – this far.
There is all of this in Al Harlow ”Now” but more of the last.

He has known success and is the only remainder of the classic Prism line-up that people remember. There also have been side projects of varying worth and many compromises as the eventual leader of Prism.
Through it all, Al has retained his style, influences and attitude, which is why people might have been waiting for him to make an album that reflects his character which ”Now” almost does.
It isn’t a celebration of freedom but a thoughtful assessment of what has brought him to now…

The album starts off with ‘Let It Go’, which acts as an address, a note to himself and has a rock and roll vitality that is encouraging. ‘He Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ has a blues-rock grit that might recall The Beatles’ Come Together and is a reminder that Al is an accomplished guitarist. It’s also the first song to address the end of his marriage with a palpable anger. Conversely, ‘Meet You In The Sky’ speaks of hope for both him and ex-wife Leah.
Al sings ‘Lonely Town’ with an almost falsetto voice – that is moving and suggests attention to the variety and effectiveness of the vocals. The pedal steel on ‘Rising Sun’ is more about adding a textural departure from the melodic rock nature of the album.

Harlow’s early ’80s orientation appears in ‘My Mind Is Running Away With You’. Here, the Prism of ‘See Forever Eyes’ mees Bryan Adams.
Speaking of Bryan Adams – and his partner Jim Vallance – both songwriter contributors to ’80s Prism albums, they deliver here another song: closer ‘Way Of The World’, an affecting statement with an optimistic philosophy.
Al Harlow ”Now”, is the portrait of an older rocker who has survived for decades in the business, an album faithful to his roots and timeless from every corner.
Highly Recommended


01 – Let It Go
02 – He Don’t Live Here No More
03 – Meet Me In The Sky
04 – I Believe
05 – Lonely Town
06 – Rising Son
07 – My Mind Is Running Away With You
08 – If It Wasn’t For You
09 – Dance With The One You Came With
10 – Way Of The World


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