PAOLO MORBINI PROJECT AOR – “2017” [Japan Edition] *0dayrox Exclusive*


Paolo Morbini is a well known name from the Italian Rock scene. He is one of the founder members of MYLAND in 2005, a band with with 4 albums under their belt and with participations of the caliber of Kee Marcello (Europe), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) and other stars from the Swedish Melodic Hard Rock scene, all records very well received by the AOR / Melodic Rock community.
While working on MYLAND’s next album and with the band suffering of constant line-up changes, Morbini decided to switch the name and the PAOLO MORBINI PROJECT AOR born.
Only released in Japan by the now defunct AnderStein Music label, “2017” is the title of the PMP debut CD, packing the same MYLAND classic Melodic Rock / AOR hooks plus a pinch of lite, proggy AOR touch, and with the likes of Tommy Denander contributing.
You are inevitably taking back to the ’80s with the radiant opener “Life Is Like A Highway”, the dynamic “Don’t Give Up Don’t Give In”, or the captivating “Don’t Stop The Music”.

Alongside these aforementioned melodic rockers, PAOLO MORBINI PROJECT also are skilled in serving luxurious AOR number such as the bewitching “She’ll Never Be The One”, the atmospheric “Blinded By Desire” and the intense “Takin’ You To Heaven”.
At the end we find another side of the project, the elaborated proggy AOR of “Aliens Landing”, rich in arrangements and played with mastery. After a minute + of silence, there’s a hidden track.

PAOLO MORBINI PROJECT AOR ”2017” pays tribute to the classic era of the genre with lovely melodies, smooth vocals / layered harmonies, synths/ pianos embellishment, but also developing arrangements a little more than your usual melodic rock.
Great stuff deserving a world-wide distribution reissue.
HIGHLY Recommended

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AnderStein Music ASCM~1714

01 – Life Is Like A Highway
02 – Don’t Let It Go
03 – She’ll Never Be The One
04 – When The Sun Goes Down
05 – Running Back To You
06 – Takin’ You To Heaven
07 – Blinded By Desire
08 – Don’t Stop the Music
09 – Don’t Give Up Don’t Give In
10 – Aliens Landing
11 – Hidden Track

Paolo Morbini / Drums, Keyboards, Backing vocals
Guido Prioli / Lead Vocals
Marco Andreasi / Guitars
Diego Belski / Guitars, Backing vocals
Alex Sperty / Keyboards, Backing vocals
Minmo Corvo / Bass

Guest Musicians:
Tommy Denander – guitar solo
Daniele Petrosiillo – bass
David Poggio – keys
Marco Barusso – keys
Lia Pastorelli – backing vocals


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