MYLAND – The Time Is Over (2005-2006) *0dayrox Exclusive*

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As requested, here’s Italian melodic rockers MYLAND debut album “The Time Is Over“, released 2005 and re-released 2006 with new cover art. MYLAND is the brainchild of drummer, keyboardist and songwriter Paolo Morbini, co-funded with singer Guido Priori, both sharing an unabashedly love for JOURNEY, Steve Perry era. And as you could guess, their debut album follows that same arena rock/AOR blueprint.
MyLand is the type of overblown over-the-top melodic rock / AOR that ruled the airwaves in the ’80s, the type of music that depleted everyone’s lighter fluid at the local arena show.
”The Time Is Over” is filled with impressive riff after impressive riff and the vocals are thoughtful and soaring.

It doesn’t take long to get things underway. The Pole Position like riffs to “Love In Chains” start early and immediately spar with the keyboards for supremacy, it is a good opening track. The disc pretty much stays on the same path (with “Stranger In A Lonely Town” and “Take My Heart” being the standouts) until “Under The Sky”, a great acoustical tune that damn near ventures into ballad territory.
There are a couple of instrumentals thrown in for good measure, with “Pizza.Mafia E Mandolino” being the best, and even one of the best sounding tracks on ”The Time Is Over”.

Melodic rock fused with keyboards is the motto of this CD, and fans of the genre will fall in love with MyLand. These Italian boys have done their homework, and have also released a commendable debut album here, not easy to find nowadays.
Highly Recommended


01. Love In Chains
02. Tears Don’t Say Goodbye
03. Lost In The Rain
04. Stranger In A Lonely Town
05. F. Baresi (The Captain)
06. Love Is Something Crazy
07. Be Mine Tonight
08. Take My Heart (When You Go)
09. Pizza, Mafia E Mandolino
10. Under The Sky

Guido Priori – vocals
Marco Andreasi – guitar
Adalberto Rizzoli – bass
Paolo Morbini – drums
Stefano Andreasi – keyboards


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