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MYLAND - No Man's Land (2008) lossless full

As requested, here’s Italian melodic rockers MYLAND second album “No Man’s Land“, not so easy to find. To echo the sentiment and the shot heard round the world ‘Journey’… Journey who? These words are escaping the mouths of many an AOR / Melodic Rock enthusiast across the nations just after hearing the opening track “Anytime” from Myland‘s sophomore release ”No Man’s Land”.
Now I am referring to the classic, harder rocking Journey we all know and love, but with musicianship and production that is very current, yet with all the right touches to take you back to the glory days of the genre.
Myland is certainly spreading their wings and showing their stuff here. The musicianship is top shelf with lead guitar work that would make the likes of George Lynch, Ronnie Le Tekro and Neal Schon applaud.

What follows is bewildered awe of this five piece band from Italy. Who are they? Where did they come from? Is this some sort of remaster / re-issue from some unknown mega band from 1986? Is this a collection of Journey b-sides? Is this Steve Perry‘s latest solo project, and if so, who is the band, they are amazing!? Is this the new TNT album???

And then this super-group goes straight for the jugular and doesn’t let go with the AOR mega-hit “The Wind Of Late September”, WOW!! Then the CD does something that is virtually unheard of in the past 20 years on any album… the hits keep coming!
“(Someday) Love Leaves You Lonely”, “Heat Of Emotion”, “How Much Love” (another midtempo AOR gem), “Age Of My Dreams”, “Voices”, “One Step Closer”, “Running In The Night” and “Prisoner Of Love”, every cut is an instant classic.
There isn’t an ounce of filler on this slab.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this record is truly an amazing CD. If you have any claim to appreciating highly talented musicians playing some of the best Melodic Rock/AOR you’ve heard in the current century, and doing so, as if they were trying to beat the devil, then get this album as fast as you can.
I assure you it will spin repeatedly for a long time to come.


01 – Anytime
02 – The Wind Of Late September
03 – (Someday) Love Leaves You Lonely
04 – Heat Of Emotion
05 – How Much Love
06 – Age Of My Dreams
07 – Voices
08 – One Step Closer
09 – Running In The Night
10 – Prisoner Of Love

Guido Priori – vocals
Hox Martino – guitar
Clod Corazza – bass
Paolo Morbini – drums
Will Medini – keyboards


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