MOXY ROXX – Victims Of The Night ’86 [Expanded Edition remastered] + rare single ‘Dreams’

MOXY ROXX - Victims Of The Night '86 [Expanded Edition remastered] + rare single full

As requested, here’s ‘Victims Of The Night’, the long out of print 1986 mini-LP release from Milwaukee cult rockers MOXY ROXX, available for the first time ever on CD along with 9 never before released bonus tracks, all fully remastered. Featuring future members of Tyketto, Hericane Alice, Bangalore Choir, Bad Boy, Stiletto, and more, MOXY ROXX has the chops, the songs, and the looks to make it big.
Victims Of The Night ’86 [Expanded Edition remastered]” compiles all the recordings from the band, and we added as extra the hard to find standalone single “Dreams” the group recorded in 1985.
This is pure mid-Eighties American Melodic (Hard) Rock with catchy choruses and hooky riffs with the addition of ample amounts of keyboards. They don’t make music like this anymore… a must listen for fans of the genre.

What has helped sell Moxy Roxx in the past is the group’s history, namely guitarist Brooke St. James who moved on to Tyketto and drummer Jackie Ramos who resurfaced in Hericane Alice, Bangalore Choir and Bad Moon Rising and even Axe drummer Teddy Mueller who was a part of the group in their formative years.
It is those connections that make Moxy Roxx more interesting than so many others indie bands from the era and why the musicianship & songwriting itself is better than the average run of the mill stuff.

The five tracks on Moxy Roxx‘s original release are classic US Melodic Rock with songs like “Victims Of The Night” and “Broken Man” bringing to mind bands like King Kobra. The additional tracks on htis expanded edition are a bit heavier at places, like the moody “Sheila”, or the bouncy “Everybody Loves Alice”.
On “Reachin’ For The Stars” and “Rosy” the band starts to take a Rhett Forrester era Riot turn and do it extremely well.

”Victims Of The Night” and the other tracks from Moxy Roxx showcase a band with a lot of potential to become superstars; strong songwriting, great playing, the looks and proper timing – 1986 – but all band members were tempted by other established acts to join and Moxy parted ways.
This very good slice of classy stuff very, very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended


01 – Summer Nights
02 – Push Has Come To Shove
03 – Victims Of The Night
04 – Broken Man
05 – Backstabber
06 – Sheila (Previously Unreleased)
07 – Don’t Need A Girl Like That (Previously Unreleased)
08 – Everybody Loves Alice (Previously Unreleased)
09 – Reachin’ For The Stars (Previously Unreleased)
10 – Rosy (Previously Unreleased)
11 – Armed And Dangerous (Previously Unreleased)
12 – Dangerous Lover (Previously Unreleased)
13 – Keeper Of The Dog (Previously Unreleased)
14 – Camera Ready (Previously Unreleased)
0dayrox extra:
15 – Dreams (1985 single / rare)

Joey La Vie – Vocals, Guitar, Synths (Bad Boy)
Brooke Lynne St. James – Guitar, Backing Vocals (Tyketto)
Chris Martinez – Bass, Vocals (Stiletto, Problem Child)
Jackie Ramos – Drums (Bangalore Choir, Hericane Alice)



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