FEVERTREE – Social Mediocracy (2022)

FEVERTREE - Social Mediocracy (2022) full

We were interested in FEVERTREE, a Memphis-based rock act, and their new album “Social Mediocracy“, after seeing the band was formed by TORA TORA drummer John Patterson back in 2014. He is joined by seasoned musicians with over 50 years of combined experience in the Memphis music industry scene.
The bluesy hard rock style of TORA TORA is heard all over FEVERTREE ADN, however this is a much more melodic, bluesy affair with American classic rock roots.
They put forth a powerful and soulful mix of Southern Rock, Blues, Funk and nitty-gritty rock-and-roll, mostly mid-tempo tunes developing atmospheres, harmony, groove and at places, a rocking attack which brings to mind NIGHT RANGER ‘Feeding Off The Mojo’ era, perhaps due to singer Tim Dills voice being similar to Gary Moon.

“Social Mediocracy” not only has an interesting cover artwork, but also though provoking lyrics as well, combined with timeless classic rock themes about relationship, life experiences, etc.
FEVERTREE started as a cover band in 2014 but the guys soon realized that its true calling was to create original music. Pulling from influences such as VAN HALEN, JOURNEY, HENDRIX, ARC ANGELS ans SKYNYRD, the band began composing their own tunes.
After countless hours of laughing, fighting, severe A.D.D., and good bourbon, the debut album was finally complete. Aptly titled ‘Lessons Learned’, the band proudly released the album in January of 2019. The album is composed of soulful classic rock, a true reflection of the band’s combined influences.

Late 2019 brought changes as the band found itself in need of a new bass player. Rocko Walls joined, and FEVERTREE Chapter 2 had begun. The new line up began rehearsing immediately for live shows but 2020 took its toll, as it did for everyone.
So it was decided that instead of waiting on life to return to normal and resume live gigs, a new record would be written. FEVERTREE was back in the studio in June of 2021 with 10 new tracks.

What we like about FEVERTREE is their true classic rock approach on “Social Mediocracy”: just wood, metal & blood, no machines, no studio trickery. In fact, this album sounds like recorded in 1982 with analog equipment.
And of course, the good musicianship and the good songs like ‘Nothing Left To Hide’, ‘Better Late Than Never’, ‘Sometimes You Feel’, ‘Rest Of My Life’, showcasing that true rock ‘n roll is still alive in America.
Note the album was released digitally few days ago with some noises / cuts. This is about to be solved by the band replacing the files at all major retail stores.
The version we are featuring here is taken from the master disc sent to us, and sounds great.
Highly Recommended


01 – More Than Enough
02 – Nothing Left To Hide
03 – Rest Of My Life
04 – What’s In Your Soul
05 – Social Mediocracy
06 – Believer
07 – Sometimes You Feel
08 – Even If I Wanted To
09 – Better Late Than Never
10 – Wiseman

Tim Dills (vocals)
John Patterson (drums, percussion)
Mike Bertoldo (guitar)
Rocko Walls (bass)



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