RONNIE ATKINS – Make It Count (2022)

RONNIE ATKINS - Make It Count (2022) full

Danish hard rock legend singer/songwriter RONNIE ATKINS will put out a new album via Frontiers Music, “Make It Count“, released almost one year to the day after Atkins’ last solo album, the critically acclaimed “One Shot”.
In early 2021 Ronnie Atkins released his up close and personal solo album called One Shot. The album took a more personal direction, detailing some of struggles Ronnie has faced recently with his battles with cancer and acknowledging one’s mortality. 2022 has blessed us with another personal album from Ronnie. This one is called ”Make it Count” and musically pick up right where One Shot left off.
Like the title-song ‘Make It Count’, every day counts and Atkins is trying to make the best of a serious condition. I liked ‘One Shot’ but I like ‘Make It Count’ even better.

Working with his steady producer Chris Laney (also rhythm guitar/keyboards) Atkins surprises with a melodic mix. His songs have here and there a slight pop accent which makes the melody of a song like opener ‘I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)’ easy on the ear but it is also a melody that sticks.
And just that element is one of the strong holders of ”Make It Count”.

‘Unsung Heroes’ was the first song I heard from the new album and I instantly loved the larger-than-life sound of the intro. A sound that rivals some of Broadway’s best. That grand sound continues into the chorus. I close my eyes and picture Ronnie on a well-lit stage in a theater with his arms spread to the audience with a choir behind him inspiring all in attendance. The sound of the song only details half of the brilliance. Lyrically it is a tribute to all of those who have fought to protect our way of life.
“Rising Tide” is a song that should ring close to home to all of us. As we ponder our existence on our planet, at some point we will have to face the fact that we must change our habits, or we will eventually face a fate similar to that of the dinosaurs.

“Remain To Remind Me” is a beautiful power ballad that we can all relegate to. The backing vocals give the song a very passionate sounds as it comes out of the guitar solo.
If you were worried the album was going to be too soft for your eardrums, you will be happy to hear “The Tracks We Leave Behind.” It has a bit of a Pretty Maids sound to it along with a stellar vocal performance by Ronnie. “All I Ask Of You” also has a rocking sound with a great up beat guitars for added effect.

“Grace” keeps the beat moving straight into “Let Love Lead the Way.” A simple midtempo melodic tune with inspirational lyrics that can give us all hope as we look inside ourselves. I am torn between calling it a classic rock ballad or an inspiring look into one’s soul.
The heaviest song on the album is “Blood Cries Out.” A song Ronnie wrote based on the Netflix show called “How to Become a Tyrant.” A heavy fast beat tells the story of tyranny and how it can destroy the world and capsize a sound society overnight.

“Easier To Leave (Than Being Left Behind)” is a bit of a true story. The song has a great chorus and lovely lyrics. “Fallen” has a midtempo beat with a catchy lyrics and when the song gets to the chorus it really shines with an almost free falling sound.
The title track “Make It Count” rounds out the album with a truly spectacular finish. It opens up with piano, and soon after the familiar voice of Ronnie shines down upon the song with his meaningful and inspiring vocals that everyone should hear. As the song progresses it cascades into an almost disco like beat. This sound was intentional and when I talked with Ronnie about the song, he explained it was a moment for him to “Make it Count” as he was able to work with one of his idols. Ronnie was able to have legendary ABBA guitarist Lasse Wellander play on the song and give it a guitar sound that only ABBA fans would recognize. The combination of Wellander’s guitar and Ronnie’s lyrics make this song one of my favorites of the year.

Once again Ronnie Atkins has delivered an album with sincerity lyrically as well as musically. ”Make It Count” should not only be an album you listen to but an album you live by. As Ronnie have witnessed you never know when your last day may arrive so you need to make everyday count. If you need any more reason to pick up this album when it arrives on March 18, 2002, check your pulse because you don’t want to miss hearing this album before your time on this earth is behind you.
Since the start of his rock ‘n roll journey with Pretty Maids, Ronnie Atkins has consistently gifted fans with quality melodic rock, and “Make It Count” delivers again in spades.
Highly Recommended


01 – I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)
02 – Unsung Heroes
03 – Rising Tide
04 – Remain To Remind Me
05 – The Tracks We Leave Behind
06 – All I Ask Of You
07 – Grace
08 – Let Love Lead The Way
09 – Blood Cries Out
10 – Easier To Leave (Than Being Left Behind)
11 – Fallen
12 – Make It Count

Ronnie Atkins: Lead and backing vocals
Chris Laney: Rhythm guitar, keyboards
Alla Sørensen: Drums
Pontus Egberg: Bass
Morten Sandager: Keyboards
Linnea Vikström Egg: Backing vocals
John Berg: Guitars
Olliver hartmann: Guitars
Pontus Norgren: Guitars
Anders Ringman: Acoustic guitars


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