ACE MONROE – Shelter In Place (2022)

ACE MONROE - Shelter In Place (2022) full

We all know that most the modern music isn’t even bearable today. They don’t know what is a good guitar riff, a real drum sound or a singer without auto-tune. But not all young musicians are lost; Nashville-based classic rock band ACE MONROE brings back the magic of 70s dragged in with the frills and bells you would want to hear.
Shelter In Place” is their first album, and its packed with catchy tracks that make you want to recheck which version of the iPhone you’re carrying. As the debut album from guys in their twenties, ”Shelter In Place” certainly sets the bar high. Every single song is at the top of their game while being seamlessly weaved into a breathable flow of the album. Their songwriting is unorthodox and fascinating, fueled by refreshing new blood.

Burnin‘ is their first track, and vouch for an opener that doesn’t make you look back. Occupying the entirety of the time stamp to create pure rock ‘n’ roll juju, Ace Monroe guide their sound through the decades. With a brass section that sounds like Aerosmith from the Toys in the Attic days, Ace Monroe have the aura covered. A dense fog of anticipation with perspiration off the nasty groove settles.

This is classic rock yet here’s a lot of Nashville blues in their songs as well. ‘Gospel’ is their second track, with a blues tissue system that controls the energetic sound they harness which gives off a sound similar to The Black Crowes thanks to the riffing and smooth vocals. The voice of Robbie Dylan sound like a polished Axl, swerving through notes like a pro racer on a drift track. It has a great chorus section for their crowd to sing as well, so enjoy the church bells that these guys ring.

No Classic Rock album is complete without the lament for the girl that got away. ‘Megan’ is her name in this case. Call me nuts but Robbie Dylan sounds a lot like the late Jani Lane here. The harmonics and acoustics stick out, while the guitar has its own time with simple flourishes. A little ditty that is such an ear worm, it’ll be stuck in your head for hours.

With one of the best melodies on the record, ‘Ghosts’ shows off Ace Monroe’s individual skills as well as their talents as a unit. Featuring great harmonization, a fun drum solo and some killer guitar solo work, this is definitely a favorite.
Leaving no room for filler, up next is ‘Voodoo’, a hard hitting rocker followed by an even grittier track titled ‘Hell Bound’, which is the most raw and in-your-face song on the album.

Next up is ‘Southern Comfort”, another bluesy number yet again featuring the horns, which fit perfectly and give the tune enough swing to move your feet to. Rounding out the record is ‘Jaded’, a ballad that is very reminiscent of some of Tesla’s best slowed down songs with Ace Monroe’s unique twist.

The melodies and groove are so tight with this group that is amazing the guys in ACE MONROE are so young and mature. ”Shelter in Place” showcases the band’s unlimited potential of becoming one of the most acclaimed classic rock bands in the US. It sounds great, and shows that their live performances will be a hundred percent effort.
Highly Recommended


01 – Burnin’
02 – Gospel
03 – Megan
04 – Ghosts
05 – Voodoo
06 – Hell Bound
07 – Southern Comfort
08 – Jaded

Robbie Dylan – lead vocals
Josh Alfano – lead and rhythm guitar
Jack Kaiser – rhythm guitar
Erik McIntyre – bass
Jonathan Tatoules – drums



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