KID ROCK – Bad Reputation (2022)

KID ROCK - Bad Reputation (2022) full

The bad boy from the American music scene KID ROCK is releasing his new album ”Bad Reputation”. The Michigan rocker’s latest album is his first since since 2017’s, and yes, it’s quite controversial as always, starting for the release date – today, Monday – not Friday, the day new music is typically released.
Including songs like “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”, which was recorded with Canadian hard rockers MONSTER TRUCK, and the revolving “We The People”, the new album finds Kid Rock mixing hard rock, rap, metal Americana, blues, classic rock and more.

“We The People” features the chorus of “Let’s go, Brandon,” conservative code for “Fuck Joe Biden” (born when a NASCAR reporter misheard a crowd, reporting that they chanted in support of racer Brandon Brown when they were actually chanting expletives toward the U.S. president), and also takes aim at the mainstream media, CNN, TMZ, Twitter and Facebook, as well as mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions. “We the people in all we do reserve the right to scream, ‘Fuck you!” Kid shouts in the song.

On ‘Never Quit’ we have Kid Rock returning to country rock territory to talk about fighting and never surrender for your ideal, leading into the rap/rock fusion ‘Shakedown’ saying nothing’s gonna stop him.
‘Rockin’ is actually one of the more heartfelt moments on the album taking a southern rock route to talk about becoming a grandfather, then “The Last Dance” follows is a midtempo romance melodic rocker, and one of the best songs.

‘See You Again” jumps into acoustic territory singing about missing his lover while ‘Still Somethin’ mixes some pianos & guitar expressing his love for classic rock music. “She’s Your Baby (Now Rock Her)” works in some live drums & horn sections talking about thanking God for your girlfriend whereas the bluesy ‘Never Enough’ on the other hand sings about a love that’s too much.
‘Ala-Fuckin’-Bama’ is an awkward ode to the titular state given that Kid Rock isn’t from there at all like he says during the hook while the song ‘Am What I Am’ steers things back to a more rap rock sound talking about being born in the country & raised in the streets.

There’s something for everyone on ”Bad Reputation”, a pretty long new Kid Rock album but always entertaining covering all the singer’s facets from hard rock and rap to classic rock and country.
Highly Recommended


01. Don’t Tell Me How To Live (feat. Monster Truck)
02. We The People
03. My Kind of Country
04. Bad Reputation
05. Never Quit
06. Shakedown (feat. Robert James)
07. Rockin’
08. The Last Dance
09. See You Again
10. Still Somethin’
11. She’s Your Baby (Now Rock Her)
12. Never Enough
13. Everything To Me
14. Cold Beer
15. Ala-Fuckin’-Bama
16. Am What I Am
17. The Nashville I Know
18. Fifty



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